Our Values

Family at wedding

All the Von Holles and Urbanskis in one spot for our wedding in Hood River, Oregon.

We value excellence in all that we do.  In all tasks, we strive to put forth our best effort and reach our potential.

We value others.  Through relationships with others the realm of personal potential grows for all.  Together, we are stronger and can accomplish more.

We value learning and change.  Learning generates greater perspective through thoughtful experience and interaction with the world which leads to an ever changing and ever evolving self.  Potential for oneself and the world increases the more we learn and change.

We value self creation.  The world is filled with myriad options, opportunities, and combinations of lives to live and we value this aspect of life deeply.  We take full responsibility for our actions in this world and we take full responsibility for the art we create with the lives we possess.

We value honesty.  Honesty is the foundation for healthy and constructive relationships and with honesty, life is most enjoyable and productive.

We value commitment to the projects of life.  With this commitment there is reliability, perseverance, and the drive to finish the various lives we choose to live.

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