Free books!

It’s time for a little spring cleaning in the Urbanski household and that means making room on the bookshelves. Over the last few years of publishing trail books, doing book signings, and selling books at local shops, we’ve accumulated a few extra copies of each book and they aren’t doing much good on our bookshelves.

These books are in need of a good home. Best of all, they are free to whoever wants them, and we’ll mail them your way. It’ll cost us about $4 to send a book so we’d appreciate a donation to cover the shipping cost. If you would like a book, choose from one of our three titles while they’re still available: The Trail Life, Between a Rock and a White Blaze, or A Long Way from Nowhere. Message us via facebook or email us with your address, and we’ll drop them in the mail; below is also our PayPal info for donations. We’ll do this until they run out.

Books remaining:

PCT Book – The Trail Life

AT Book – Between a Rock and a White Blaze

CDT Book – A Long Way from Nowhere

Our contact info:



Matt and Julie Urbanski

9525 Ashworth Ave N, Seattle WA 98103

Seattle, WA 98103

Happy March, happy trails, and happy reading!

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