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Georgia awards

Chris, Jeff, Julie and Matt after the Georgia marathon with all our awards. After that it was on to Baton Rouge, Louisiana

For those numbers kind of people, including myself, here are all the stats for each runner across all five races, along with any awards or places:


Jackson, MS – 2:48.29, 7thOverall, 6thMale
Mobile, AL – 2:47.26, 4thOverall
Warner Robins, GA – 2:44.35, 3rdOverall
Baton Rouge, LA – 2:51.55, 4thOverall, 1stin Age Group
Ocala, FL – 2:48.16, 1stOverall


Jackson, MS – 3:49.32
Mobile, AL – 3:54.59, 3rdin Age Group
Warner Robins, GA – 3:46.01, 1stin Age Group
Baton Rouge, LA – 3:47.22
Ocala, FL – 3:43.14, 2ndin Age Group, 9thFemale


Jackson, MS – 3:42.01
Mobile, AL – 3:53.52
Warner Robins, GA – 3:39.35, 2ndin Age Group
Baton Rouge, LA – 3:55.23
Ocala, FL – 3:41.59, 2ndin Age Group, 28thOverall

Chris Reis

Warner Robins, GA – 2:37.45, 1stOverall
Baton Rouge, LA – 2:45.48, 3rdOverall

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