1/22/12 to 1/28/12

Summary – A decent week of training. I was sore the first part of the week; way more sore than I thought I would be since we only had one marathon this past weekend. However, the hills of Ocala along with the accumulation of marathons (5 in 16 days) took its toll on my body and I was sore until mid week.

Glad we got a little more core work in and that we got some stretching in. I’m not excited about all the walking but I am glad I put in my time this week in order to earn my food. My weight has been good too with a new low (137.6) since I’ve been weighing in starting back in November.

It’s now one week until the big 100 miler in Texas. That means a little lower workload on just about everything, all while trying to not over eat and gain weight.

Total running time: 475 minutes (7 hrs 55 mins); Walking: 533 minutes; Core: 71 minutes; Stretching: 55 minutes

Saturday – Ran for 67 minutes around Hilton Head in the morning before my sister came to visit. We stayed on pavement this time and ran around Palmetto Dunes, the resort where Julie’s grandparents had a condo for many years and one which Julie went to annually for summer vacation. We actually found the condo they used to stay at and the pool she swam in during the summer.

The rest of the day was filled with playing with Austin and Aiden, my 5 and 3 year old nephews. Tiring work for sure.

Friday – We ran together for an hour today in town both on the roads and the beach. The first half of the run was to return a Redbox movie and to drop off some mail. The second half was in the park and on the beach.

When we got home, we got right to the dreaded P90x Core Synergies workout (55 minutes) and then had lunch.

We walked another 65 minutes for the day to round out the exercise.

Thursday – Julie and I ran together for an hour primarily around the park and on the beach. I love the grass loops in the park, about a mile each time round, and the beach has been good too, nice hard-packed sand and relatively flat.

We did P90x stretching (55 minutes) and then walked for 65 minutes later in the day.

Wednesday – Julie and I walked for 53 minutes together on the beach in the morning after breakfast. I ran for an hour alone on the beach and in the local park, primarily on the grass again. Legs felt much better today at the start. They loosened as I went but by the last 10 minutes or so of the run, the upper quads were aching again.

We did Ab Ripper X (16 mins) together and then I walked/ran to the Redbox down the street (50 mins) to get us a movie for the evening (Moneyball).

Tuesday – Ran/hobbled for an hour from our new condo in Hilton Head. Ran the roads to the park 6 minutes down the road. Ran around the grass and some trails and then found the beach route back to our condo. I was definitely moving slow and my quads and calves are still very achy. I think I’m actually more sore this week after one marathon than I was last week after two.

We walked a lot today too, a total of 2 hours.

Monday – Walked for three hours today and we didn’t even get started until after 5pm. I ate two early meals so I had to get the exercise in but with the leg soreness, I was very limited as to what sort of exercise I could actually do. I walked around our new resort for quite awhile, talking on the phone.

Sunday –Marathon #5 in 16 days complete. First place in Ocala Marathon in Florida with 2:48.16. I was pretty tired by the end and put in a good steady effort. I finally ran negative splits in this race and had people to run with/behind for the first half of the run. I feel good and it was pretty cool to win a race, even if it was a small race.

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