Make Room on the Bookshelf

…or in the Kindle, because by the time Christmas rolls around, you’ll need the space for my new book about our 2011 Appalachian Trail thru-hike. I’ve been working on the book since June and just yesterday ordered my first sample copy of the book, so I’m excited to share the … Continue reading

Cutting Weight

CT and CDT

No, we’re not getting fatter; we’re getting lighter. While I’m sure our bodies could always stand to lose a few pounds, our real focus this winter and spring is getting lighter for the Continental Divide Trail in the summer of 2013. It’s the final trail to complete our triple crown … Continue reading

From the CT to the CDT

Colorado Trail

The main goal of hiking the Colorado Trail was to prepare for the Continental Divide Trail, and I would say that we met expectations when it came to testing new gear and realizing what new gear we need to still research and purchase. The last few posts have been pretty … Continue reading

Unprecedented Preparations

Colorado Trail Preparations

As the Colorado Trail quickly approaches, we are nailing down the final details, loading up on chocolate, and preparing like we never have before. I have spreadsheets detailing the exact ounces of every single item in our pack, more spreadsheets with daily caloric values of the food we’ll carry, and … Continue reading

There’s a First for Everything

Matt running in Guatemala

What’s an ultramarathon in Guatemala without a few “firsts?” Already, I’d like to forget and never repeat some of the first-time experiences from this race, yet there are a few keepers in there that were pleasant surprises. On Saturday morning, Matt and I rode the 4 hour bus ride from … Continue reading