Feed a Vegan

We’re strolling into this dusty little town after some time in the mountains.  We pick up our box of dehydrated food from the post office, we pack up our backpacks, and then town hunger strikes.  We look to our left, we look to our right – that’s about all the bigger most of these trail towns are – and eeh gads!  There isn’t anything to eat for silly vegans anywhere!  There are pizzas, I’m sure there is some ice cream,  no doubt a hamburger or fried chicken, but something, anything without any animal products in it…not likely.

So here is your chance to sponsor a vegan!  Simply pick a post office below, pick out some yummy vegan treats – no dairy, eggs, milk, cheese – and send them out in time to make the ETA listed below and BAM! you’ve fed a vegan on the CDT, keeping sadness at bay as these sorry vegan folk watch other hikers pig out in each little podunk trail town.

So that no one feels any sympathy, this vegan curse is self-induced and could be stopped at any time.  However, we’re stubborn and committed to our vegan style.  We have food to cover the entire length of the trail so we don’t really need anything.  The Feed a Vegan program is strictly a town pick me up.  And other than our silly Vegan Rule, we are not choosy in the least.  Be sure it’s animal-free and we’ll rejoice on the sidewalk outside the post office in our dinky little trail towns.

Below is a list of all the post offices we’ll be passing through along with the time we expect to be there.  Other than the vegan part, the only other main advice we’d give is to not cut the time too close for sending something because who knows how long it really takes to get to some of these places!  Please don’t send too much because whatever we can’t eat, we have to carry on our backs, and we already have plenty of food to carry out of town.  If things are sent priority, we can probably bounce things up ahead if they get there too late.  Also, if we do receive something from you, we’ll call/email as soon as we are able in order to provide lavish praise and thanks, as well as to inform you that we did in fact receive your splendid donation to the Feed a Vegan program.

So here it is, the CDT 2013 Feed a Vegan Schedule:

Please make packages/letters out as follows:

Matt and Julie Urbanski

General Delivery

City, State, Zip code

“Please hold for CDT thru hikers”



  • Winston, NM 87943                                 ETA:  6/1
  • Quemado, NM 87829                             ETA:  6/6
  • Grants, NM 87020                                    ETA:  6/10
  • Cuba, NM 87013                                       ETA:  6/13
  • Chama, NM 87520                                   ETA:  6/21
  • Pagosa Springs, CO 81147                     ETA:  6/24
  • Breckenridge, CO 80424                        ETA:  6/29
  • Grand Lake, CO 80447                            ETA:  7/5
  • Steamboat Springs, CO 80487             ETA:  7/8
  • Rawlins, WY 82301                                   ETA:  7/13
  • Lima, MT 59739                                         ETA:  7/30
  • Leadore, ID 83464                                    ETA:  8/4
  • Helena, MT 59601                                    ETA:  8/16

With all sincerity, while we don’t need anything out there, it’s great to hear from friends and family while on the trail and anything, even a little note makes our day.  Thanks for all the support.

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