Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador

I am excited to announce that I’ve been selected as a 2014 Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador! Only a handful of people are picked for this role on a yearly basis and I’m proud to be in such a talented, enthusiastic group of people that all have a passion for the outdoors, along with the ability to do more with less.

CDT, Gossamer Gear, Gossamer Gear G4, CDT Wyoming, Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador

In Wyoming with my G4 backpack.

What the heck is a Trail Ambassador?

A Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador is an enthusiastic advocate of ultralight and lightweight backpacking, eager to pass along outdoor skills and experience to other hikers, backpackers, and adventurers. Trail Ambassadors inspire others by sharing stories with them, giving gear demos or talks, and documenting their adventures for magazines or online publications.

CDT, Gossamer Gear, Gossamer Gear G4, CDT Montana, CDT Dragon's Trail, Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador

Heading up “The Dragon’s Tail” outside of Lima, MT

What does this mean for me?

I finally nailed the ultralight concept on the CDT and I’m excited to pass on that knowledge and those experiences with others, through presentations, gear demos, and articles on Urbyville. I also hope to find myself published more often in popular running and trail magazines.

While I don’t have any 3,000 mile hikes ahead of me this summer, I do have this small little adventure called the Tahoe 200 to train for and race in September. In addition to some key ultra races, I also plan on doing lots of back-to-back long hikes on the weekends. Let’s face it, there is no way I’m running the entire 200 miles, so I need to get my hiking legs back in shape again.

Matt and I also have a book due out very soon about our 2013 CDT hike, so in addition to its publication, expect to see us doing many more presentations about the CDT as an effort to raise awareness for the book.

CDT, Gossamer Gear, Gossamer Gear G4, CDT Yellowstone, Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador

Geyser tour in Yellowstone with my tiny 12 pound pack here, with food and water.

Lastly, Thank You Gossamer Gear!

A big Thank You to Gossamer Gear for including me in this unique group and for making great gear. I loved my pack on the CDT because it was lightweight, durable, affordable, and functional, and I like Gossamer Gear as a company because they let the gear and the gear users speak for themselves. As a Trail Ambassador, my goal is to promote ultralight backpacking and enjoyment of the outdoor experiences much more than pushing the latest gear. The goal of Urbyville is to share our stories with others, in hopes that others are inspired to take part in their own adventures, and so being a Trail Ambassador is a natural extension of Urbyville.

I look forward to seeing what comes of this year, so stay tuned!

Also, check out Gossamer Gear to read more about their products, what they do and make, and how they are a driving force behind the ultralight movement.

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