Julie April Training

Tuesday, 4/30

Off. Felt a twinge in my right achilles yesterday while walking around and I’m not taking any chances with the race and the CDT coming up. Tried running but stopped after 10 minutes and just walked for another 40 minutes. Will probably just walk the next few days to be cautious.

Monday, 4/29

60 minutes with Matt and the reservoir. Another beautiful day with little wind. Legs felt tired at first but warmed up well.

Sunday, 4/28

Off. Woke up to pouring rain and sore knees. I looked back at my training and realized I’ve run the last 6 days with some good mileage. Gladly took the day off.

Saturday, 4/27

Had a nice change in my run – ran with Erin, one of Matt’s cousins that is our age and lives just a street over. Why we haven’t been runnig together all this time, I have no idea. We did the “Sandusky loop” as I call it, just about 5 miles from our houses. It took just over 40 minutes and it was a beautiful, calm, morning. I felt great after finishing and happy the run was in before 9am.

Friday, 4/26

3 hours around Findlay. Finally felt like I ran at a good pace, where my leg didn’t hurt and the weather was nice. Did repetitive loops around Findlay to get in the time and halfway through, ran by the house to drink a water bottle I’d set out on the front porch.

Thursday, 4/25

60 minutes in Findlay. Windy outside but at least it wasn’t raining and the temps were warmer than yesterday. Legs still a little achy but getting better.

Wednesday, 4/24

50 minutes at the reservoir in Findlay. Miserable run in every aspect. Strong winds on almost every stretch of the 4.5+ mile loop, as it’s completely exposed, and pelting rain. My right leg was giving me a lot of issues from the start, cramping up in my hamstring, quad and calf. I was planning on doing two loops but I crapped out and just got in the car and waited for Matt while he did 2+ loops. Yes, he is tougher than me, at least today.

Tuesday, 4/23

40 minutes in Findlay. Waited until late afternoon because it was pouring rain all morning and wasn’t much better in the afternoon. Thought about doing another long run but just didn’t want to spend that much time in the rain. Legs and joints felt surprisingly good.

Monday, 4/22

4 hour long run at the Findlay reservoir. Did 5 loops of the 4.5+ mile loop, along with running down from the reservoir to the car to drink an 8 oz. bottle of water and eat a gu after every lap. Got lucky with the weather and had sunny skies with very little wind and warming temps as I ran in the morning. Felt good to finally get in a long run again and build some confidence going into the 50 miler.

Sunday, 4/21

Off. Major slothfest going on right now. Ugh.

Saturday, 4/20


Friday, 4/19

45 minutes on a bike trail in Cincy in 45 degree temps, rain and wind. What a contrast to the last two days of running, so I just did the bare minimum to get something in.

Thursday, 4/18

50 minutes on the Loveland bike trail again. Was planning on 60 minutes but my right leg hurt so much at two different points that I had to stop and walk for 5 minutes each time. I think it’s my right hip that’s throwing everything off, as it’s really tight and hurts to move in certain ways. Going to do my best to stretch and loosen it.

Wednesday, 4/17

90 minutes at the Loveland bike trail. Got in 10 miles and felt pretty crappy. Haven’t slept more than 3 hours at a time since Saturday night, so I’m running on fumes at this point. Right quad tight and hurting from the start; had to stretch it out a few times and the second half of the run was much easier. Weather was about 80 degrees and sunny but it felt like 60 degrees compared to Thailand. Still sweat a lot and felt really dehydrated afterwards; also getting over a head cold. As I write this, I probably shouldn’t have run that long considering my current physical state from all the traveling and the head cold. Hmm.

Monday and Tuesday, 4/15 and 4/16

Off. Travel days home from Bangkok. Holy hell, it took freaking forever to get home.

Sunday, 4/14

Last run in Thailand. 55 minutes with Matt in Lumphini Park. Surprisingly hot and sunny, yet not humid. The run still kicked my butt and I was ready to be finished after just 3 laps in the park, completely soaked in sweat. Sort of bittersweet running there for the last time.

Saturday, 4/13

1:47 in Lumphini Park in Bangkok. Tried to go 2 hours but it got really hot by 90 minutes and my pace had slowed considerably. Decided to end it while I still felt good enough to walk home, and am happy I at least got in more distance than usual. It’s still really hot here and since there’s no water fountains in the park, I got really thirsty. Hoping it’s a little cooler back in the States, just not too cold.

Friday, 4/12

60 minutes in Lumphini Park in Bangkok with Matt. Ran from our place, did 3 loops of the 2.5km loop, then ran home. Really, really humid, as evidenced by the huge rainstorm right after we finished. Felt good despite a sluggish start.

Thursday, 4/11

Off. We were going to run the ECP again in Singapore but Matt woke up with the feeling of a sinus infection and I wasn’t going to go running on my own. Also a travel day for most of the day from Singapore to Bangkok.

Wednesday, 4/10

71 minutes along the East Coast Park in Singapore. A much better run than the day before; we ran at 6pm and it was considerably cooler in the evening than the morning. Felt really good almost the entire run, a rare occurance for my running here in SE Asia.

Tuesday, 4/9

70 minutes in Singapore. Took 25 minutes to get to the East Coast Park, a running/biking path along the water in Singapore that’s around 9 miles long. Was looking forward to possibly running 2 hours but turned around after 48 minutes. Had to walk a few minutes to catch my breath because the humidity was so bad, and eventually had to stop the run. Got lightheaded, dizzy and blurred vision, so took a cab back to our hotel from the park. Terrible run and I was totally out of it the rest of the day. Ugh.

Monday, 4/8

Off. Travel day from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Took 12 hours total from the time we left our hotel in KL, to the time we got off the train and made our way to our hotel in SG.

Sunday, 4/7

62 minutes in KLCC park with Matt. Did 9 loops of the 1.3k loop, running the last two of them harder than the other ones, just for the fun of it. Felt much better than the last few days.

Saturday, 4/6

92 minute run around Titiwangsa Lake Park in KL. Felt like crap the entire run and was just holding on as long as I could. Ran to the lake from our hotel, did 5 laps, then ran home. Really tired and sweaty and my ride side, just below my ribs, really hurt the whole run. Wondering if I pulled a muscle there.

Friday, 4/5

32 minute run around Titiwangsa Lake Park in KL. Ran in the heat of the afternoon, not sure why, and felt really crappy. Right side really hurts to breathe too heavily, so had to run slowly and cautiously.

Thursday, 4/4

Traveled from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur during the daytime. 58 minutes in Kuala Lumpur in the evening around the KLCC park, a 1.3k loop. Really bad side pain and still full from lunch, so not the most pleasant run. Tons of people in the park and we ran on a rubber track around the park, so at least the footing was softer. Hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4/3

42 minutes in the town of Phuket. We saw there was a stadium listed on the map near our hotel, but it ended up being just a grass field without a track. Instead, we ran an 8 minute loop on the streets around the track so we could avoid crossing major roads. Hot and humid here, so no change in my massive amount of sweating during each run.

Tuesday, 4/2

Off. We had planned on staying another day in Koh Tao and wanted to run in the evening, but ended up leaving Koh Tao instead and couldn’t get a run in. Definitely feeling out of shape and not nearly as ready for the upcoming 50 miler as I’d like.

Monday, 4/1

48 minutes on the main road in Koh Tao with Matt. We started running a side road that wasn’t as frequently traveled, but I freaked out because of the mass amount of stray dogs on such a desolate road. I’m really hoping our next stop has better running options.

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