Julie March Training Log

Sunday, 3/31

Off – Did 3 Advanced Open Water Scuba training dives and I was pooped. This is the most time I have ever spent in the ocean in such a short amount of time.

Saturday, 3/30

43 minute out and back run on the main road in Koh Tao. Ran with Matt and dodged lots of motorbikes, cars and a few lazy dogs that seemed to hot and tired to care about us running by them.

Friday, 3/29

30 minute run in Koh Tao with a twist. Matt and I ran to a large hill and repeated that for over 20 minutes. I got in 12 reps of the hill and had enough at that point. Definitely tired from diving and being out in the sun.

Thursday, 3/28

32 minutes on the “Yellow Brick Road” in Koh Tao with Matt, the footpath/motorbike path that goes through all the foreigner hotel and restaurant spots. Kind of a slow, crappy run in the early morning and a taste for what running will be like in Koh Tao.

Tuesday and Wednesday, 3/26 and 3/27

Off, Two big travel days from Chiang Mai to Koh Tao. Ugh.

Monday, 3/25

Last run in Chiang Mai. Definitely going to miss the nice track to run on and the outside path, along with the local runners. Did 65 minutes with some strides mixed in the middle.

Sunday, 3/24

10 minute warm up to the track in Chiang Mai, then 8×400 meter repeats at Interval pace with a 200 meter jog rest. I haven’t done these in a while, so I figured my pace would be between 6:40 and 6:55. Started out a little fast but then settled into a rhythm and felt really good on each one. Could have maybe done 1-2 more, but would have lost my form or pace. 10 minute cool down back to our hotel from the track.

Times: 1:40, 1:42, 1:42, 1:42, 1:41, 1:42, 1:42, 1:42

Saturday, 3/23

Woke up without the desire to run, but we decided to just start running and see how we felt. Ran quite a few laps around the outside of the stadium here in Chiang Mai, then got on the track and did 6×30 second strides with a minute rest on the track. Finished with 4 more laps around the outside of the stadium, then ran home for a total of 62 minutes.

Friday, 3/22

Workout on the track in Chiang Mai. We’re tired of running through the cities with dogs, so we’ve decided to just run each day on the track here in Chiang Mai. 10 minute warm up to the track, where we had a very close encounter with 2 huge dogs on the way to the track, then 3xmile repeats at tempo pace. Felt ok, kind of off from having not done a workout in a while, but the temps were cool at 6:30 in the morning. 10 minute cool down back to the hotel.

Times: 7:18, 7:20, 7:17

Thursday, 3/21
Off. Traveling to Chiang Mai.

Wednesday, 3/20
73 minutes around Ayuthaya, Thailand. Busy road with lots of angry stray dogs. Not so much fun and I already miss Bangkok.

Tuesday, 3/19
53 minutes in Lumpini with six 200 meter strides. Felt better than the last few days.

Saturday, 3/16 – Monday, 3/18
41-43 minute runs around Lumpini park in Bangkok, Thailand. Hot, hot, hot, and humid.

Monday, 3/11 – Friday, 3/15
Off traveling to Bangkok and recovering.

Sunday, 3/10/13

Off. Not as sore as I thought I would be after yesterday’s race, but my knees, ankles and feet hurt. Only my right calf is sore; otherwise, I don’t have much muscular pain.

Saturday, 3/9/13

50 Mile race – Land Between the Lakes in SW Kentucky. Ran 8:33.32 and placed 4th female. A well-run, challenging trail race on a 4 loop course with a little bit of road at the beginning and end. See race report for more details.

Friday, 3/8/13

25 minutes around the neighborhood here at my mom’s in Cincinnati before heading down to the race. Felt pretty fresh and ready to race.

Thursday, 3/7/13

46 minutes on the Loveland bike path with Matt. Legs felt really good. I definitely don’t feel ready to race 50 miles, but there’s not much else I can do at this point.

Wednesday, 3/6/13

1 hour on the Loveland bike path. Matt and I ran separately just to go our own pace. Most of the path was covered in snow and slush, but it was surprisingly easy to run on and it felt good to stretch out my legs.

Tuesday, 3/5/13

38 minutes around Findlay in the late afternoon, after procrastinating most of the day. Weather was cold, windy and icy rain. Totally not in the mood to run so did the minimum.

Monday, 3/4/13

42 minutes with Matt at the reservoir in Findlay. Also did 6 thirty second strides in the middle of the run. Beautiful day with clear skies and warmer temperatures. Nice to finally have a break in the weather.

Sunday, 3/3/13

2 hour run around Findlay. Tired of doing so many short runs so I finally sucked it up and did something a little longer. It was 28 degrees, windy, and boring, but I got it done and feel better having done it. Definitely not feeling confident about the upcoming 50 miler.

Saturday, 3/2/13

65 minutes at Van Buren Park with Matt and our cousin, Lukas. Trails were frozen solid and since it rained so much this week, the parts of the trails that had water on them were a thin sheet of ice with pockets of mud underneath them. Whoever was leading or even second in line ended up breaking through the thin ice, only to have both shoes engulfed in pockets of mud. Despite the mud, the forest blocked the wind and it was fun to run at a new pace with new challenges. Also walked an hour in the afternoon.

Friday, 3/1/13

Off. Not a great start to the month. Didn’t plan to take the day off, but I got working on a project early in the morning and didn’t really stop until after 3. By then, I had no desire to run and ended up walking for an hour after dinner.

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