Julie’s March Training

Sunday, March 16: Off, recovery day

Ran the Chuckanut 50k yesterday and taking today off. Not very sore at all, so that’s a good sign. A little pain around my ankles and lower legs because of all the technical terrain, but otherwise, I should be able to run tomorrow.

Saturday, March 15: Race, Chuckanut 50k

5:51 for a 50k. Not my best, but at least not my worst. Race report here.

Friday, March 14: Off

Woke up to go run but felt really, really sluggish. Ended up sleeping another hour, figuring that was better for tomorrow’s race rather than a 30 minute easy run. Started feeling a little bit of a cold coming on throughout the day so just tried to keep my stress levels low at work and went to bed by 8pm.

Thursday, March 13: Easy, 60 minutes

On the treadmill before work. Kind of hard because an hour is really the longest I want to run on a treadmill, but happy to have gotten up and ran. Hoping next week has more morning light so I can get off the treadmill and back outside. Walked about 3.5 miles that evening up to Capital Hill and back for dinner.

Wednesday, March 12: Off

Planned day off for the week. Walked about 3.5 miles that evening up to Capital Hill and back for dinner.

Tuesday, March 11: Easy, 50 minutes

Pre-work run on the treadmill. Certainly nothing special and looking forward to running outside again. Just kind of creeped out by running in the dark here in downtown Seattle. Probably need to make some running friends to run in the mornings with me.

Monday, March 10: 30 minutes treadmill, 60 minutes Yoga

Changed my work schedule to 8-5 so now I can run before work and can get in up to about 2 hours of running without totally sacrificing sleep or getting up too early. Ran short and easy on the treadmill since I’m taking it easy this week before Chuckanut. Yoga still kicked my ass though.

Sunday, March 9: Easy w/ 6 strides, 60 minutes

Easy, flat run along the waterfront. First day I wasn’t blown over by the winds in over a week. Really nice run and felt great on the strides. Did pushups, pull ups, and myrtle routing afterwards.

Saturday, March 8: Easy, 75 minutes

Ran 2+ loops around Discovery Park with the High Heel Running Group, starting out at Seven Hills Running Shop. Ran a nice and easy, but not jogging, pace with a really nice woman, Kathi, and had so much fun meeting new people and running anywhere but the treadmill or the waterfront.

Friday, March 7: Easy, 50 minutes, 60 minutes Yoga

50 minutes on the treadmill at 5am before work. Ugh. Totally changing my work schedule from 7-4 to 8-5, if I can. Waiting to run until after work just stinks and I crap out on it way too often. Blah.

Wednesday and Thursday, March 5-6: Off, lazy ass bum

Just didn’t want to run after work either day so took them both off and felt like a lazy bum for doing so.

Tuesday, March 4: Easy, 70 minutes

Ran with the Fleet Feet running group around Capital Hill. Nice to run with different people in a new spot. Calves super tight for the first half of the run though. Damn high heels at work!

Monday, March 3: Off, 90 minutes Yoga

Scheduled day off and glad I did because I stayed up too late for the Oscars last night and was hammered with 2 glasses of wine. Ugh. Felt awful in the morning, did yoga in the evening, and ate nearly all fruit and vegetables for the entire day to clean my system out.

Sunday, March 2: Long, 2 hours, 15ish

Long run from the apartment. Ran 6 miles to Discovery Park, then did a loop around the park, then ran home. Didn’t carry water but took one Powergel mid-way through. Felt totally fine and no big aches or pains; just a lot of wind on the way home again and sprinkled the entire time.

Saturday, March 1: Workout, Long Tempo, 60 minutes

Sort of a workout day because I couldn’t actually get to a track. Ran along the waterfront and did a 15 minute warmup, 30 minutes at Long Tempo effort, around 7:30 pace, then 15 minutes cool down. Super windy on the way back and just battled through it. Hard to believe Chuckanut is 2 weeks away. Yikes. At least I know I can go the distance; it’s just a matter of how to attack the course.

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