Loving the Long Runs

I did my second week in a row of a long run this Sunday, and afterwards I thought, “Damn, it feels good to do a long run.” I love the feeling of finishing, heading home famished, taking a hot shower, putting on the sweats and sitting down to a satisfying meal. So maybe I like a lot more about long runs than just the running, but the whole package of that Sunday morning routine is unmatched. Here’s a rundown of my runs for the last few days:

Tuesday, 10/16 – 45 minutes of slooooow running in the cemetery across the street. I finally told Matt that I couldn’t run with him for a day so I could recover for tomorrow’s workout. While we don’t run fast together, we run that much more above my jogging pace that I need to fully recover.

Monday, 10/15 – Hour run with Matt around Carkeek park. Felt great on the first half, mainly because it was almost entirely downhill from our apartment to the park, and then paid the price on the long hill back home. I’m having some recurring pain in my right quad and calf, and not sure what to do about it other than run super slow on easy days, and hope that recovers me enough for hilly or fast efforts.

Sunday, 10/14 – 2 Hour run in Discover Park, two outside loops and then a lot of randomness with Matt. Finished the run with a bitch of a hill and even had to walk a little. That hurt my pride. Why does it still hurt even though I know the best ultramarathoners even walk some of the hills? I’m not sure I’ll ever accept that part of hill-running.

Saturday, 10/13 – Hour run by myself on completely flat bike trail. It was fantasticly, pancake flat, and I loved it. Also liked the break from Matt’s pace.

Friday, 10/12 – Workout! I’m not sure I can really call this a workout because the pace was so god-awful slow, but oh well, I have to start somewhere in climbing back up this ladder of getting back in running shape. 3 mile warm up to Green Lake’s track, then 3xmile tempo at a (cringing) 8:12 pace with a 200 rest between. Just two years ago I was running 6:50 tempo pace with ease. I went out way to fast and ran 7:46 for the first one, then 7:57 and 7:56. I found it easier to just go with what felt really comfortable rather than force myself to go that much slower. And my pride just couldn’t take the slower pace. Then I had a 3 mile cool down home. A long day, but it felt so good to break up the run with some track work.

Thursday, 10/11 – Off! Sat on my ass, got fat, felt guilty, and got excited to run the workout the next day.

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