Matt’s February 2014 Training Blog

2/19/14:  40 minutes Easy Run

Ran with a group from Seven Hills at 7pm around Magnolia.  It was a Pearl Izumi demo night so everyone was running in PI’s.  My left foot is still hurting but is gradually getting better.  My foot is currently its best on hard, even surfaces.  I got into the grass briefly and my foot really hurt while trying to stabilize on the lumpy surface.

2/18/14:  30 minutes Junk miles; 10 pull ups

Ran on the treadmill today before clinicals at the hospital.  I’ll call them junk miles as I ran the bulk of the run around 6:30 pace which is faster than my pure easy pace but not fast enough to be an optimal MP or tempo workout.  I felt the need to try mixing it up though because of how my foot has been feeling.  I didn’t notice the pain as much when I was running faster so I kept it up.  Still hurts now after the run but hopefully it’ll start getting a little better.

2/17/14:  62 minutes Easy Run; Yoga

Ran easy with Julie along the waterfront.  No rain today but super windy on the way back.  My left foot is still aching and causing me to limp a little while running.  I was extra vigilant throughout the rest of the day with icing and wearing arch supports and I think this is helping.  I’m getting tired of this though and am getting antsy about getting back to good training again.

2/16/14:  70 Minutes Easy Run; 12 pull ups

Ran on the treadmill instead of going outside.  We walked out to run and were battered by wind and rain.  We turned around and headed back inside to our apartment building and ran the treadmill.  I varied my pace, ran some incline, ranged between 6:55 and 8:40 pace throughout.  Did 9 miles.  Left foot still achy and sore to touch but I’m able to run on it.  It is a bit more sore than I would have liked but we played a game of city capture the flag last night which ended up including a good deal of running around and general time on my feet.  I ran early enough today that a full day of rest, icing, and anti-inflammatories should make a big improvement.

2/15/14:  64 Minutes Easy Run; 10 Pull ups

Ran with the guys on the Saturday morning 7Hills Running Shop run around Discovery Park.  My left arch is still aching but today has felt like a turning point.  I adjusted my homemade orthotic and was running with less pain than normal.  As the day has worn on I’ve felt better and better.  I hope things are turning for the better and that I can get back to normal training within the next week.

2/14/14:  Yoga class

2/13/14:  79 Minutes; Easy Run

Ran from home along waterfront.  Felt decent even though my left arch ached along with the outside of my left knee.  I ran to the Elliot Bay Yacht club and back.  Beautiful evening.

2/11/14:  38 minutes; Easy Run; 10 pull ups

Ran with Julie from home along waterfront.  Right arch is feeling better but now left is really sore.  Ugh.  I feel completely off.

2/10/14:  40 minutes; Easy Run

Ran with Julie along waterfront from home.  Right arch still hurts though it felt better to have the homemade orthotic arch support in my shoe though.  I’m so gimpy right now.

2/9/14:  40 minutes; Easy run

Ran with Julie along the waterfront.  Body totally off but I was continually adjusting my running form and foot strike throughout the run in order to get it in.  I need a good week or two of base work in order to get my body right before I think about doing anything fast again.

2/8/14:  70 minutes; Easy Run

Wow am I still messed up.  Granted, my first run back after a week off recovering from RR, I did 70 minutes.  By the end of the run I was limping along, lucky to make it back to the 7Hills shop.  I felt decent at first but as the run went on my right arch ached as it did after the race to the point of feeling bruised.  The outside of my right lower leg hurt again too.  This is not a good sign.  I hope I can pull together quickly so I can get back to training.

2/1/14:  Rocky Raccoon 100; 55 miles and then DNF. 

Read the race report HERE.

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