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Finish PCT

Optimist and Stopwatch at the US/Canadian border, the end of the PCT, 2663 miles after starting on the border of Mexico

Optimist and I are a bit late on the journal entries, but we refused to make journaling a chore while on the trail. Many people that we met along the way usually whined about having to write in their journals, so we decided we’d rather use that time to eat or sleep, and journal later. So here we are, house-sitting in Portland for two weeks, with plenty of time to journal. I’ll be adding journal entries over the next few days, each one with a different theme, so this first one is just a snapshot of our trail. It’s full of numbers and mileage, because we did lots of math in our heads while on the trail, and we had an “Oregon Challenge”, where we had fun with challenging ourselves with mileage while the hiking was relatively easy in Oregon.

Start Date: May 16th, 2007
Finish Date: September 1st, 2007
Total Days: 109
# of Zero Days: 0
Biggest Mileage Day: 45.2 Miles between Olallie Resort and Timberline Lodge
Smallest Mileage Day: 6 miles before Donner Pass on the day into Truckee
Most miles in one week: 226 in Northern Oregon
Most miles in 10 Days: 309 in Northern Oregon
Days in CA: 73, 1701 miles
Days in OR: 16, 454 miles
Days in WA: 20, 508 miles

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