Roaming in Wyoming

We have been severely lacking in posts lately and it’s part laziness, part technology. For the entire state of Wyoming, we had a cell signal 3 times and went from the southern border to the northern one without any real town stops. In the middle of that cell tower-less stretch, we saw the many sides of Wyoming.

First, we traded the high elevation and trees of Colorado for sagebrush, dirt roads and you guessed it, no trees. We also saw water sources dwindle and realized that the busy trails of Colorado were long gone. After hiking a 46 mile day into the town of Rawlins, Wyoming, we set out for the Great Divide Basin. It was a network of shadeless dirt roads, which meant hot, flat, easy hiking.

After that section we walked through the Winds, the prettiest and most sierra-like section of the trail so far. I planned our food wrong and since we didn’t have a town to supplement food in the “town” of south pass city, we were very hungry in a difficult section. Our next stop for food was a Lodge right on the trail. Unfortunately for our hunger, there was nothing to purchase there either so we picked up our box of prepacked food and hiked on.

The terrain after the Winds was non-existent or faint and finally became trail once we entered Yellowstone. We arrived at Old Faithful today after a 37.7 mile push to meet zippers for good food and company. Zippers did not disappoint and we had our first real vegetables and shower since Rawlins, over two weeks ago.

That is all just a small recap of Wyoming but hopefully gives you a taste of how vastly different this state is. Tomorrow it’s on to Idaho for a teeny bit before Montana.

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