Status Update: Stopwatch 2.0

It’s been nearly 6 weeks since I stepped back on the trail after a week off where I quit the trail for good (sort of). In that time, we’ve covered over 1,200 miles from Steamboat Springs, CO to Helena, MT. We’ve crouched down near the top of a mountain during a half hour of thunderstorms, eaten way too many granola bars and trail mix, and spent a lot of time simply walking without so much as a conversation.

I realized while walking the other day that I haven’t really posted anything about how I’m doing since I pressed the Restart button on the trail. Overall, it’s going great. We’re hiking some solid miles, we’ve met some amazing people, and most of all, I spend all day with my best friend and husband. Sometimes when we’re sitting down for a break off the side of the trail, eating our dehydrated refried beans out of a peanut butter jar, it hits me that we may never have this kind of time together ever again. We give each other a morning hug every day and I’m so thankful that I there on the trail to give him a hug and kiss to start the day.

As for the actual trail, it’s still hard. I still have to dig a hole and poop in it every morning,  I can’t shower daily, and I am tired of worrying about having enough water to drink. But, theses are inherent aspects of the trail life that I knew wouldn’t go away with a week off the trail. Instead, I try to approach each day with a new philosophy that my friend Theresa mailed to me back in Steamboat Springs. The quote she sent me read, “Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.” I literally try to find something good in every day and that’s what keeps me going.

Thanks again to all our friends and family that have supported us during this hike. We think of you all while we’re out walking and really do appreciate all the kindness and love you send our way. I’m happy to still be out here on the CDT and part of that is because of the help that people have given us along the way.

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