The Big Burn: P90X Style


Jeff and Matt burning calories the P90X way via Ab Ripper X

My butt and hamstrings have finally recovered! I was so sore for much of this past week thanks to my new friend from the P90x videos. We were given these popular workout videos from a friend over a year ago and have yet to really use them. With Jeff joining forces with us for the marathon training, and him also having the desire to strengthen his core, it’s working out as a perfect combination to get going. And wow are we out of shape in this respect.

We started with the little 16 minute Ab Ripper X workout. It’s a quick, intense workout that leaves us in pain but feeling good. As the guy on the video says: “Ab Ripper X, I hate it, but I love it!”. But a couple days later, we were feeling bold and moved up to the hour long Core Synergies workout and bamm! We got worked. We were doing all different kinds of pushups and core work. It wasn’t until the next day that my glutes remembered my worst nemesis: lunges. We did plenty of them in the workout and while I was able to make it through the workout reasonably well, the pain really set in later.

We were all limping around, whining to each other about our various discomforts. And it wasn’t just for one day. I was sore for a good three days after the workout. It will get better though, right?

We have also taken to doing the hour long stretching routine. While the guy on the video is sometimes funny and sometimes just annoying, it’s been fun to do the videos. It’s even better having others to do them with. Julie wasn’t too excited about doing them at first, but once Jeff and I got going, she got the bug and now all three of us are doing the workouts together.

So Marathon Madness is getting going. We’re running quite a bit and we’re actually working out as we talked about many months ago. We’re playing some tennis when the rain isn’t coming down too hard and otherwise, we’ve been chilling out and recovering well.

The races get going in less than 2 weeks and we’re all getting a little antsy and ready to get going but for now, we’ll keep enjoying our time here and hope the P90x keeps us getting stronger, but hopefully not more sore.

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