Urbanski Coaching LLC

It’s high time I started professionally coaching distance runners.  One, I’ve already been coaching for nearly a decade with family and friends.  Two, with my school schedule I have the time and the flexibility, and three, I think there is a need for my type of coaching in Seattle (and in many other locations where people genuinely want to work toward achieving their potential as runners).

So we’re proud to introduce Urbanski Coaching LLC.  We are now business owners.  We obtained our business license through the city of Seattle and state of Washington and we’ve filed paperwork to form an LLC.  I worked with USATF and am now a certified coach.  Julie has built a rocking website.  We’ve also received great feedback and info from many of our friends and family on the types of programs to work with as well as pricing.

The details of the products we’re offering are all spelled out on the new website.  There are perks (financial discounts) included for committing to the program for both 3 and 6 month time periods.  It’s my attempt to get people to stick with the plan long enough to see the results they’re really after.

We’re set up to work locally here in Seattle and remotely.  With organized workouts and training runs either in a group setting or individually, we will be able to offer quality hands-on coaching for Seattle folks.  With google docs, skype, and the phone we can work with athletes living anywhere in the world.

So cheers to Urbanski Coaching LLC!  We hope to meet and work with plenty of aspiring runners and help them reach their potential.  Running has been a cornerstone to both our identities for more than two decades and we hope to share some of the nuggets we’ve learned along the way.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, advice, feedback, etc. and also please feel free to spread the word.  Thanks everyone as always for your support.

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