Who Needs Sleep?

Springer Mountain

Day 1 on the AT on Springer Mountain

That is the question I’ve been asking myself each night as I lay in our tent, listening to every sound, thinking each one is a bear out to get my food. I don’t remember having sleeping issues on the PCT, but I’m certainly experiencing them here on the AT. Not only do I listen for each rustle or twig snap, I also wake up with each change in sleeping position. The trail has kicked my butt lately, and I’m sore all over, so much that I doubt I stay in one sleeping position for more than 15 minutes.

To add to my inability to sleep, we went through quite possibly my worst night of camping out, as there was a storm that blew through on the night of Day 3. It was strong enough to warrant a Tornado warning and wind advisory, and we had no idea until after the fact, thank goodness. On that night of Day 3 (I’m writing this on day 5), we woke up to a thunder/lightning/wind storm that lasted for hours, keeping me awake the entire time. It felt like a train trying to move through our tent and the lightning was so bright and long lasting that even with my eyes closed and tucked under my sleeping bag, I could see the light. We hadn’t tested the tent to that kind of level before, and thankfully it withstood the pummeling that nature handed it.

I’m hoping the bear worries, the soreness, and the number of thunderstorms all stay minimal here on out, because I’m really looking forward to more sleep. It’s such a nice treat after a long day of walking.

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