While we’re not the best photographers out there, and our camera equipment is mediocre at best, we still have a few good photos to share with you.


30 mile loop in the Glacier Peak Wilderness with amazing views, fantastic weather and great friends to join us.

The remaining 175 miles that Julie needed to officially complete the CDT, from the Herman Gulch Trailhead off I-70 to Steamboat Springs, CO.

CDT Idaho/Montana

The final frontier for Northbounders, and the longest at over 900 miles of trail!

CDT Wyoming

Our favorite state on the trail because of its variety from the barren basin to the gorgeous Winds, to Yellowstone to cap it off.

CDT Colorado

It\'s high up, the weather is volatile, the hiking is hard, but the scenery is unmatched.

CDT New Mexico

780 miles of hot, dry desert with some mountains mixed in for the state of New Mexico on the Continental Divide Trail

Colorado Trail, 2012

486 miles from Denver to Durango from late August through early September, for a total of 22 days of hiking. This was a chance for us to test new gear for the 2013 CDT hike.

AT, 2011

From Georgia to Maine, 2181 miles along the Appalachian Trail from early April to mid-July.

PCT, 2007

The Pacific Crest Trail, 2663 miles from Mexico to Canada, through California, Oregon and Washington. Some of the best scenery we've ever seen.


A Pacific Northwest classic race in the shadow of Mt. Rainier. This was Matt's third running of the race and best time/placing yet. So many local ultrarunners were there that it felt like a big party (at least for the crew who didn't have to run 50 miles!)

100 mile race on the trails in Huntsville State Park. Heat and humidity got to many of the runners, including Matt.

Land Between the Lakes 50 Miler

3.9.13 A 50 Mile Trail Race in Grand Rivers, KY. Matt won his first ultra in 6:26.22 and Julie placed 4th female in 8:33.31

Indianapolis Marathon

1.26.2013 marathon in Indianapolis, IN. Started at 6:30pm and run completely in the dark on a 6.55 mile trail loop that we ran 4 times.

Groundhog Day Marathon

2.2.2013 Marathon in Grand Rapids, MI. 6 loops of a 4.4 mile bike path, on a foot of freshly fallen snow.

Holiday Lake 50k++

2.9.2013 A 33 mile race on the trails in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Summer Races, 2012

Two marathons, one 50 miler, one 100 miler, and a few epic training runs in Washington, Oregon, Montana and Colorado

European Races, 2012

4 marathons in 4 different countries, with 3 of them three weeks in a row

Marathon Madness, 2012

5 marathons in 16 days, followed 2 weeks later with a 100 mile race. Madness, you say? Oh yes, madness...marathon madness


Our travels around the world for Paavo's first year of life, including Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, France, Greece, Romania, Iceland and Canada!

Thailand 2013

Mid-March through Mid-April, 2013, all around Thailand, exploring different cities and regions and even learning how to cook thai food.

US Travel, 2012

Mainly our road trip on our way to Seattle, where we visited friends in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Montana, along with a year-end trip to Vancouver, BC (yeah, we know that\'s Canada)

European Travel, 2012

April and May, 2012, mainly spent in Naples, Italy with our good friend Matt. Also spent time in Madrid, Prague, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, and Ireland.

Guatemala, 2012

Six weeks in San Pedro La Laguna, a small town on the shore of Lake Atitlan, where we lived with a family and took 4 hours of Spanish lessons a day.

US Travel, 2011

From the West Coast to the East Coast, we get around, and we visit a lot of people and places in the process. Food and running always have an underlying presence in this travel

Mexico, 2011

3 weeks of R&R in Todos Santos, near the Southern tip of Baja in Mexico. We went there after the bike trip down the coast and spent time with family friends, Mike and Penny.

Life on a Bike, 2011

1600 miles from Portland, Oregon down to the border of Mexico, all along Highway 1 or 101 on the coast.

February 20, 2010, in Hood River Oregon, about 35 of our closest friends and family gathered for a celebration of our marriage. Photos by Oscar Bauman

A few pictures from our six months of living in Ethiopia, from February - August 2005. We lived mainly in Addis Ababa, the capital, and took a two week trip around the country with a 50-mile hiking trip to the highest point in the country, Ras Dashen.

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