About Us

Who are we?

We’re a couple in our mid-thirties with an infant son, Paavo.


Why are we sharing our story on the internet?

Two reasons: We still believe what our parents told us – we’re special, and a small group of people have been interested in what we’ve been doing.


What are we doing that is interesting?

We have been living a non-traditional life for our demographic. We were both raised in white suburbia Middle America. We went to college and got degrees. Since then we’ve done some coloring within the lines; that isn’t generally what people are interested in. We have also taken many deviations from the standard path. People connect with that.


So what?

That is a question we struggle with. At first it felt good to simply color outside the lines. The novelty wore off. Meaningfully using our time is now our big deal.


How do we do that?

We try strategies picked from a variety of self-help and management books. We write down what is important – Our Values. We create our vision – Our Story. And we come up with action items to make things happen – Our Projects. We also hope for luck.


Best way to use this website?

Read – We’re creating content to motivate, provoke, and inform. Comment – Make it a conversation. Contact – We have an Urbyville Facebook page, or you can email us.


How do we determine if this website is a good use of time?

Two parts, us and you. If we feel good about our story as we write it and we continue to live a website-worthy life then this website is a good use of our time. If a couple people find this website useful, they get some helpful information or are provoked to think about what they’re doing with their lives, then this website is a good use of our time.



Matt, Julie & Paavo


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