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There’s hiking, there’s running, and then there’s everything else. Our bodies get tired from all that movement and we have to engage in other activities, like working our minds and traveling abroad. Sometimes the mental activities have proven to be just as hard; ie, try learning Spanish as a 30-year-old. It’s hard.

Julie in BelgiumNews and Updates: As the name implies, news that we thought was noteworthy enough to share with others.


Thailand: Mid-March-Mid-April 2013; all the stars aligned for us to take a month abroad anywhere we wanted, so we chose an area of the world we’ve never been to, Southeast Asia, and let the planning begin once we arrived in Bangkok.

Super Seattle SummerSuper Seattle: June 2012 – December 2012; all the stuff we did in Seattle for six months while Matt took nursing prerequisites and Julie wrote her second book.

EuropeEurope: April and May 2012; a random smattering of touring Europe, Urbyville style, which means on the cheap and beyond the tourist norms.

GuatemalaGuatemala: February and March 2012; 6 weeks of one-on-one Spanish lessons in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala, living with a Guatemalan family and learning a lot more than just Spanish.

Missoula Half MarathonUS Travel: We tend to visit a lot of family and friends in between big adventures, and we love to road trip, so that combination makes for a lot of US travel.

Baja MomentsMexico: October 2011; 3 weeks of pure bliss in Todos Santos, Mexico, near the Southern tip of Baja. Warm, sunny weather, miles of beaches, and good friends to spend the time with.

West Coast Bike TripLife on a Bike: August 2011-September 2011; About 1600 miles from Portland, Oregon, down the coast all the way to the border of Mexico, and then 3 weeks in Mexico.

Book ReviewsReviews: Everything from books to running shoes to hiking gear, we usually look back at our purchases and review them in order to share our experiences with others.


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