Our Projects

Have children:  We want the experience of raising children and passing along our values and genes to the next generation.

Learn a medical skill (Matt):  I would like to be able to help people with the basics for keeping their physical bodies alive and healthy.  I would like to experience the challenge of life threatening conditions (ER).

Write a third book (Julie):  This time on the CDT, I would like to share my experiences with a large audience to complete my triple crown of trail books.

Learn Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish:  These are the basic languages along with English that will enable us to understand and communicate with the majority of people in the world.

Complete the CFA exams (Matt):  I enjoy financial markets and see these exams as a way to learn more about the industry as well as providing me with a skill set for a high earning career should I choose that route again.

Be competitive in ultra marathons:  We would like to not only complete but seriously compete in ultra running events.

Play the guitar (Julie):  I love music and playing music.  I want to be able to pick up a guitar and easily play my favorite songs.

Play the cello (Matt):  The cello speaks to my emotions more than any other instrument.  Music is also a unique way to speak to people.  I would like to be able to create music as a means of expression using the cello as my medium.

Sail the World:  This seems like the ultimate in self sufficiency.  It is a level of freedom that seems greater than any landlocked experience and this is a project we’re gradually working towards.

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