Our Projects

This is what we spend 90% of our time on right now.


Corporate life – Julie continues to try to be her best self in a challenging environment. She is currently rocking this project! She is also the major contributor to our current savings effort.


Coaching – Using my experience to help athletes become better runners. It’s also my way to contribute to covering Seattle expenses.


Parenting – Baby #1 due in December! While there aren’t many tasks associated with this project currently, it’s definitely thought-consuming.


Running – I’m still training to become a better runner. It’s my thing, what can I say? Julie is taking a brief hiatus during pregnancy.


Spanish – I’m a lover of Duolingo, practicing daily. Julie and I have become telenovela fans as we continue to improve our skills. Julie recently read the entire Harry Potter series in Spanish!


CFA exams – This is my major test of discipline. These financial tests are extremely challenging for me and I have struggled mightily. I’m now a level three candidate (and there are only three levels)!


General learning – Along with both of us being readers, I am currently in love with Khan Academy where I do practice math problems, learn to program, and watch other random videos.


Sailing – This is a minor project, though one we hope to someday have as a major project. We’ve been taking ASA lessons and are now able to rent boats up to 30’ in length. Slowly, we’re acquiring skills.





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