1/1/12 to 1/7/12

Summary – Very positive week. Most importantly, the marathon went well and I felt strong throughout the race. I think all the core work is really paying off as I was never sore in my hip flexors, abs, or back throughout the race. I’m also glad I did some more running on my own because I was very comfortable running mid 6’s for the marathon on Saturday.

We’re now in the thick of it for Marathon Madness which means the marathons are now the focus. I’ll keep trying to fit in core but recovery between racing is paramount.

Total running time: 602 minutes (10 hrs 2 mins); Walking: 358 minutes; Core: 87 minutes; Stretching: 110 minutes; Tennis: 32 minutes

Saturday – Race day. Read all about the marathon in Jackson, MS. Ran for 2:48.29. I warmed up for a good 10 minutes and walked around plenty after the race to and from the hotel and cheering on Jeff and Julie at the end of their races. Good day and definitely a good calorie burn day.

Friday – Ran for 62 minutes in the morning before leaving for Mississippi. Ran the first 28 minutes with Jeff around the Kiva Dunes neighborhoods and then out on the roads for another 34 minutes on my own. Feeling good and ready to race. I am steady on the marked road miles running low 7 minute miles. I was able to drop down to the 6:30’s without much additional effort which is encouraging.

I walked for an hour around Jackson both to and from the Race Expo and then a little more time around downtown to get in some more exercise. I am purposefully breaking the diet a bit in order to be well rested for tomorrow. I did not over eat at all today though and feel light and fresh for tomorrow.

Thursday – Ran for 61 minutes in the morning from the condo. Ran the first 28 minutes with Jeff in the neighborhoods and then another 33 minutes on my own on the roads. A little stiff and my right hip, lower back was a little out of whack. I think it had something to do with getting up and running right away without much stretching or moving around. I need to remember that on Saturday morning so I’m loose and ready to go.

We did the P90x Ab Ripper X workout for 16. Feeling good and making it through without having to stop. It’s still really tough but I think I’m seeing some real results.

Julie and I walked for 1:43 around the resort and Kiva neighborhoods in the late afternoon to get in the rest of our exercise for the day.

Wednesday – Ran for an hour with Jeff and Julie at the trail nice and easy. First run with Julie in a quite awhile so we were cautious with the pace, but it was good to have her back. I love the trails here.

We then did the P90x stretching routine for 55 minutes when we got home. I never want to do this workout but always feel better after completing it. It also goes really fast once we get started. Like most things though, it’s simply getting started that is the hard part.

Julie and I then walked around the resort for 65 minutes in the evening to finish up our day of exercise.

Tuesday – Ran for an hour in the morning on the roads. Feeling good. Then did the 55 minute P90x core routine. Tough workout but glad we are getting it in this week. Julie and I then walked in the evening for 65 minutes.

Monday – Ran for an hour in the morning. Did the 55 stretching routine and then walked for 65 minutes in the evening.

Sunday – Started the year off well with a 61 minute run (28 minutes with Jeff) from the resort. Went shortly after a big breakfast and felt it for the first half of the run but got better as I went. While on my own, was running low 7’s. Feeling fresh and recovered after being a bit worn down yesterday.

After the run, Jeff and I did the P90x Ab Ripper X workout (16 minutes). I can now make it all the way through the workout and soon will be moving up to some of the harder ways of doing some of the exercises.

Played tennis with Jeff for 32 minutes and lost 4-6. I simply couldn’t keep the ball in the court and he had me running quite a bit.

I still needed more exercise and I felt energetic so I went for a 70 minute run on the roads in the dark. I almost always feel faster at night even if it’s not actually the case that I’m going faster. I felt great and cruised along on an out and back course from our condo.

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