11/27/11 to 12/3/11

Summary – Awesome week in some respects (sandwich run and increased total running time) and not such a great week in other areas (low core and stretching time and two days off to end the week). However, the objective of training for the 100 miler is still being worked on very well. I’m getting in the long runs and the back to back long runs, I’m feeling fresh and largely injury free (my right foot still has issues but isn’t getting any worse), and I’m sticking to the diet getting in a good amount of overall exercise each day.

I’ve written out a schedule for myself for the next week that has me putting in more time on the tennis court, along with more time doing some core and yoga work, and of course lots of running, including a 4 hour run on Monday. I’m also going to walk a bunch still because it’s good thinking time and I really enjoy it.

Total running time: 560 minutes ( 9 hr,20 min); Walking: 370 minutes ; Core: 16 minutes; Stretching: 30 minutes; Tennis: 110 minutes

Saturday –Took another day off. I simply wasn’t feeling it today after driving back from Summerville. I ate a nice meal for lunch and then Julie and I played tennis for 50 minutes. Over the course of the remaining day, I walked on the beach and the neighborhoods for 2 hours and 15 minutes, thinking and talking on the phone with Keith. It was a pleasant day.

I have over indulged on some processed foods the past few days and it will likely show during the bi-weekly weigh in tomorrow, but it was worth it. Plus, we have a 4 hour run coming up on Monday.

Friday –I ended up taking the day off. I woke up somewhat grumpy. My arms still hurt from the shots, and I simply didn’t feel like running. I’ve put in a lot of minutes for the week and felt like today was a good day off. I drove to Summerville (2+hours) to visit my sister and didn’t exercise at all today. As a result, I only ate one full meal and lived on fruits and veggies the rest of the day.

Thursday –Ran 60 minutes with Julie in the morning. Felt way better than yesterday afternoon after the shots. We went pretty slow but it was the right pace for me for the day. Julie did some strides which I did with her. I didn’t want to do full on strides for myself today.

We played an hour of tennis and I walked an hour in the evening.

Wednesday – I ran 60 minutes alone in the morning and did strides in the neighborhood. I felt good and strong even though I’m still getting really winded on my strides.

We then went to the health center and got immunizations today for some upcoming travel. I tried to run again when I got home and felt like crap. I ended up running for 20 minutes before walking. I just felt off. I got back home after another 20 minutes of walking and crashed on the couch for an hour.

I went out later for another 80 minutes of walking to get in my 3 hours for the day, but I was feeling pretty roughed up.

Tuesday –Ran 60 minutes on the beach. Started out with Julie but she quickly dropped off to run really slow after the long runs. I actually felt pretty good and fresh and had a nice run. I got progressively faster and am quite surprised with how good I felt after the long days.

I did 16 minutes of core, 30 minutes of stretching, and walked for 75 minutes.

Monday – Another 3 hour run through the neighborhoods of Surfside and Garden City, SC. We decided to stick with the same route so we didn’t have to think too much about that component of the second long run. I again stayed off the sidewalk and streets as much as I could, running in the grass, rocks, and sand alongside the road. It was good to have the undulating terrain because that is what we’ll encounter on the 100.

I again didn’t eat anything on this run and carried my water bottle. 22 ounces is not enough water over three hours and again I was very thirsty by the end. Overall though, I felt pretty good given the task we were undertaking. My feet and joints were achy but not unbearable. And I actually felt like I recovered quickly over the course of the day. It wasn’t as sunny out today which helps tremendously. We even got rained on as we were walking back to our condo.

Sunday – First 3 hour run of the sandwich run complete. Feet and joints definitely achy. Mentally a pretty tough run. 3 hours is a long time and knowing we are doing it again tomorrow made it feel even longer. We stuck to the neighborhoods and mainly paved sidewalks and roads for our route. It was easier this way with little to worry or think about logistically. I carried my bottle with water and no food. Felt fine in that department other than getting a little thirsty.

Definitely felt better this week than on last week’s 3 hour run though. I was zapped after last week’s run and didn’t get much else in for the day. Today, I actually got some good work and studying in later in the day. Good start to the week.

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