1/15/12 to 1/21/12

Summary – Weird week. I walked more than double what I ran this week. I wanted to get my legs back and I also only had one marathon this week so my running was down. I also didn’t want to stretch too much because that aggravated my strained muscles as did the longer core workouts.

So I feel a little wimpy with these numbers but they are this way for a good reason. I want to be recovered and ready for the next rounds of Marathon Madness. Plus, I don’t want to get injured. So with all my rationalization explained, it was actually a good week of training.

Total running time: 321 minutes (5 hrs 21 mins); Walking: 680 minutes; Core: 32 minutes; Stretching: 55 minutes

Saturday – Took the day off for travel as we have the past three weeks. Watched what I ate but am going with my new diet rules of allowing myself to eat and not hit 3 hours of exercise on the day before a race. Ate Subway and Olive Garden.

Friday – Ran for an hour with Julie at the trails. Legs feeling good. First time my quad hasn’t hurt since Jackson. Did some surges so I could take pictures of Julie running.

Did P90x stretching routine for 55 minutes. Walked for 65 minutes to get in my exercise for the day.

Thursday – Ran for an hour at the trail with Julie. Legs still a little sore but am definitely noticing the rest we’ve taken this week.

Did the P90x Ab Ripper X (16 mins). We then walked for the remainder of the day putting in a total of 2 hours of walking.

Wednesday – Walked for a total of 3 hours with Julie, both while waiting for our car service (80 mins) and around the resort in the evening (100 mins). Legs feeling much better. Still have slight pain in quads.

Tuesday – Julie and I ran together on the trails for 30 mins and walked another 2 hours and 15 minutes over the course of the day. We did over an hour on the trails and walked the rest around the resort. We also did P90x Ab Ripper X (16 mins). Hip flexors a little sore but I can still make it all the way through the workout.

Monday – Walked for a total of 3 hours today with Julie. We did 2:10 at the trails around noon. It is gorgeous here in Alabama right now with sunny skies and temperatures in the 60’s. We walked for another 50 minutes after dinner. Legs feeling better today than last Monday but I still feel it in the left quad whenever I put much pressure on it. We did an ice bath and I’m still popping Ibuproren.

Sunday – Marathon #2 for the weekend completed in 2:51.55 for 4thplace overall. It was a tough day and my legs were finally tired. I had been sore in the previous two but today was hard because my legs lacked the normal zip that helped me maintain 6:20 mile pace. Instead, with the same effort, I was in the 6:30 range. I stayed comfortable and relaxed for the entire race though and am happy with my effort and finish. It’s now time to recover and get ready for the last marathon of the Madness next weekend in Florida.

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