12/4/11 to 12/10/11

Summary – An up and down week. The four hour run was awesome and I’m really glad we got it in. Definitely sore in the feet and joints but I didn’t start feeling roughed up until well past the three hour mark which leads me to believe I am definitely progressing for the ultra training.

Tennis was really good for the week and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing with Julie. She is getting better and there is little if any holding back on my part now. We are both running around quite a bit and having good volleys.

The down part is that I’ve been battling a sinus infection. I felt it coming on late Monday night and felt crappy on Tuesday morning. I laid low and didn’t do much that day and it improved. However, by week’s end it was back and with a vengeance. I hope it doesn’t mess up my training or the upcoming visits we have scheduled.

Lastly, I resorted to more walking than I wanted but it is simply the way to get in some time when I don’t feel up to doing much else. I really do like getting out after dinner and walking for an hour to get the food digesting. The P90x videos were really fun and a good way to mix up my exercise. I only need to do more of them.

Total running time: 540 minutes (9 hrs); Walking: 415 minutes ; Core: 32 minutes; Stretching: 60 minutes; Tennis: 230 minutes; Yoga: 25 minutes

Saturday –Ran for an hour in Cincinnati on the bike path around 11am. We were starting at the same time as another guy (later found out his name is Paul), and we ran with him. It was a good conversation and the run was nice, even though the temperature was in the low 30’s.

I tried to get some P90x yoga in during the afternoon but the long drive and the cold weather seem to have changed the direction of my sinus infection and it’s on now. I can really feel it and I simply felt horrible doing the yoga poses and breathing exercises. I cut it after 25 minutes (it is a 90 minute routine) and I ended up walking the remaining 95 minutes to reach my 3 hours for the day.

Friday –Ran for an hour with Julie in MB on our usual road again before embarking on our 11 hour drive back to Ohio. I therefore only worked out for one hour today and had to make due with only eating one full meal for the day.

Thursday –Ran for an hour with Julie in MB on our usual road. Nice and comfortable, feeling better health-wise too.

Played tennis again today. Felt more healthy and as a result, played much better. Played for at least an hour. We also walked an hour in the evening and I did the P90x Ab RipperX workout again for 16 minutes.

Wednesday –Feeling progressively better today. Julie and I ran for an hour on the roads at 9am. Nothing fast but nice and comfortable. My throat isn’t hurting too much now and I don’t feel the sinuses blocking up so I’m optimistic I may have skirted a set back and only missed one day of running.

Julie and I played tennis for almost an hour this afternoon. She is getting much better and has me running around quite a bit. I still haven’t lost a set yet but she pushed us to 6-4, 6-1.

I did stairs at a light jog in our 22 story building for 11 minutes and walked for a half hour on the beach. Went for a 45 minute walk in the evening after dinner.

Tuesday –I took the day off running because I was feeling pretty sick. I didn’t stray far from bed until after 11am. I did end up playing tennis for an hour with Julie in the afternoon. I started feeling better as the day went on and ended up walking for an hour and doing an hour with the Stretching video from the P90x series.

Monday – 4 hours starting at 8am. I’ve already written the details in a blog story. What I didn’t include was that I started feeling sick, like I was getting a sinus infection or a cold by the end of the night. I went to bed with a sore throat and woke up on Tuesday feeling like crap.

Sunday – Julie and I ran for an hour. I felt good and fresh after 2 days in a row with no running. We ran on the beach nice and easy.

I also walked for a total of 115 minutes. I played an 50 minutes of tennis with Julie and did the Ab Ripper workout in the P90x series.

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