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Julie on the AT

An early morning on the AT, before the trees have even grown on the trees in early April

We were waiting in the Honda lobby yesterday getting our car serviced when I finally got Julie to take an objective look at something that had been bothering her lately. We hadn’t seen any money come in from the sale of her books yet, either through Kindle or paperback. We knew we were set up to receive royalties via EFT directly to our bank account, and as has been the case for nearly a year now, there still hadn’t been any money coming in.

While trying to keep expectations reasonable and not be too high in fear of having farther to fall, Julie was still beginning the descent as she hadn’t seen anything happening with her book, The Trail Life: How I Loved it, Hated it, and Learned from it despite all her efforts both in writing it and with getting it cleaned up and available for purchase online.

So we finally got into her online account to see what was going on. And to our excitement, we saw that since the book went live a little over a month ago, she’s already sold 33 copies through last weekend! Now we know 33 copies isn’t exactly New York Times Bestseller list, but it is pretty awesome for us. It’s not a lot of money either but the fact that people we likely do not know are actually buying the book and reading about our adventures is a really cool thing to think about.

As a very proud husband, I am asking everyone that has read the book, especially the 100 or so people that have received a free first edition to write a review on Amazon to help promote the book. She currently has no reviews which from an optimistic viewpoint is better than bad reviews. However, we know the power of peer reviews and if you liked the book, we would very much appreciate you clicking on the link below and writing a review. Please note that with the new edition, we have cleaned up formatting issues and some typos present in the first printing.

Review Julie’s Book

Also, while I don’t fully understand the world of social media, I encourage you to Like her book on Facebook. Julie has recently gotten into Facebook herself, and we now also have an Urbyville page too (which you can also Like if you want our updates via Facebook). I have included the link below as well if you would like to support Julie’s work via Facebook.

Like The Trail Life on Facebook(Click on the Like button near the top of the page)

Lastly, I want everyone to know how proud I am of my wife for all the work and dedication she’s shown with making The Trail Life a reality. She thought of the idea a few years ago and has steadily worked on it in order to make it happen. I have talked about writing a book for years too and I have heard many others say the same thing. Julie actually did it and now it’s for sale to millions of people around the world. I am very proud of you honey and hope our Urbyville readers will join in the support by helping promote your work through a review , through social media, or through any other channel they may know of. Thank you.

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