Our Projects

This is what we spend 90% of our time on right now.

Parenting – Paavo Jefferson Urbanski, born December 7th, 2015, has become our #1 priority and certainly takes up most of our time. While it hasn’t been easy so far, the rewards of baby snuggles and cooing far outweigh the lack of sleep.

Coaching – Using Matt’s experience to help athletes become better runners. This piece of our lives has grown over the last year and we’ve made incredible friendships and bonds in Seattle because of it.

Running – Matt’s still training to become a better runner, with some great races scheduled this year in Boston, New York, and France, just to name a few. Julie is slowly building back as a runner post-pregnancy.

CFA exams – This is Matt’s major test of discipline. These financial tests are extremely challenging for Matt and he has struggled mightily. He’s now a level three candidate (and there are only three levels)!

Corporate life – Julie continues to try to be her best self in a challenging environment. She is currently rocking this project! She is also the major contributor to our current savings effort.

Spanish – We’re big fans of Duolingo, practicing daily. We’ve also become telenovela fans as we continue to improve our skills.



General learning – Along with both of us being readers, I am currently in love with Khan Academy where I do practice math problems, learn to program, and watch other random videos.


Sailing – This is a minor project, though one we hope to someday have as a major project. We’ve been taking ASA lessons and are now able to rent boats up to 30’ in length. Slowly, we’re acquiring skills.





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