All in a Day’s Work

TN/VA Border

TN/VA Border

I made a huge mistake upon leaving Pearisbug, VA. I had eaten so much town food that by the time we went grocery shopping for the resupply into the next town of Daleville, VA, I skimped a little. I thought the thousands of calories I consumed would carry me at least two days out of town. I hadn’t felt hunger in a while, and I didn’t want a heavy pack leaving Pearisburg, so I went a little light on the snacks for the three and a half day resupply. I was wrong, and for those three and a half days days, I had to ration my food like crazy. I even stooped so low as to beg Optimist for any extra snacks he had, as he had packed plenty upon leaving Pearisburg. I committed the ultimate sin in thru-hiking of eating another hiker’s food that he had carried. Yes, it’s slightly forgivable since he’s my husband, but it was still wrong.

All I could think about for the 18 miles into Daleville was the Pizza Hut awaiting us at the intersection of the trail and the road into town. That trusty red roof could even be seen through the tree leaves before we popped out on the road from the trail. While it was a glorious moment to take that first bite of pizza and know that my hunger would finally end, I vowed to not skimp again. Because of that, I have TONS of food right now, and I thought it would be fun to list all the food I ate today amidst the 27 miles we walked. It’s no wonder I felt full all day with what I ate, and I plan on eating pretty much the same calories for the next 4 days into Waynesboro, VA. Some of the calories were from trail angels, so those are the best kind of calories, as I never had to carry them.

Toaster Pastries – 400
Cherry Pie Lara Bar -200
Fudge Brownie Lara Bar -200
Little Debbie Chocolate Chip Crème Pie-150
Little Debbie Star Crunch – 150
Lipton Parmesan Noodles – 480
Lipton Alfredo Noodles – 480
10 ounce bag of Utz Sour Crème and Onion Chips – 1500
Handful of mixed nuts – 170
Fruit Leather – 45
Gatorade Mix – 50
Snack size milky way and butterfinger bars (From Trail Angels) – 200
Vitamin Water (From Trail Angels)– 125
Half bar of dark chocolate – 210
One double stuffed oreo (From fellow hiker, Legion) – 70
Total – 4430

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