Does the AT Still Exist?

myrtle beach

Jeff playing with the dinosaurs at a mall in Myrtle Beach

I know it does but for a week on the beach in SC, it sure seemed far away and almost nonexistent. We were in a touristy world so far removed from the Appalachian Trail that few would have known what it was all about and I actually enjoyed not thinking about hiking for a week too.

After the amazing trail magic from the Bosharts, we rented a car and drove all the way to SC last week and got in late on Friday night. For the next 6 days, we relaxed by the pool or the beach, played tennis, or hung around the condo watching movies and eating good home cooked meals. We ran about a half hour with my brother on the beach each morning and also played a couple epic games of Risk with the guys. It was a great, relaxing, refreshing week and we’re very glad we went. The tourist aspect was quite a change from what we have been used to as well. On Thursday night, a few of us went out to an area of Myrtle Beach with all sorts of shops, shows, and other entertainment for all ages. It was amazing to see so many people with so much luxury in such a small place. I am certainly not against this stuff and we had a good time ourselves, but coming from the trail, it was quite a change.

We’re now back on the trail and feeling good and excited to push on for the remainder of the trail. We got a ride from the Albany airport today back to the trail and hiked a couple miles to the first shelter. We were greeted by the trail with some thunder and rain showers but this time it was a bit different. It didn’t seem to matter much and it just felt good to be back on the trail. I am excited because Julie seems actually ready to start thinking about the next adventure now. I have been thinking about future lives to live since the beginning but have been mainly talking to myself because she’s been focusing on the present and getting through this adventure first. This is completely understandable but with only a few weeks remaining, I am eager to know what is coming next.

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