Goodbye, Green Jacket

Crater Lake

At Crater Lake, Oregon, while on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Green jacket, you’ve been good to me. We’ve been through a lot together, but it’s time to say goodbye. You just aren’t the same rain coat that I bought six years ago and I’ve found another, one that is better in the rain, is a lighter weight, and quite frankly, is better looking.

track meet

At an indoor track meet in Seattle

When I found you six years ago, you were $45, a steal amidst the other jackets whose price tags were over $100. When I wore you for the first time on the Pacific Crest Trail, you were good to me. We had some good rainstorms together, and you protected me in the wind. But, three months of daily wear took its toll on you, not to mention the next four years after that of intermittent use in Vancouver, Washington.


There you are, performing in the rain, not so valiently though, as it rained 12 straight days in a row.

Then, we took our second journey together on the Appalachian Trail. That’s when I really started to see your faults and I realized you just weren’t the same anymore. You leaked in the slightest mist, pieces of your insides were falling apart, and compared to newer jackets out there, you were about a half pound too heavy. But, I stayed true to you, even when I saw jackets on sale at REI.


Along the Oregon Coast while on our bicycle trip, contemplating life, or maybe just watching some seagulls.

You cycled down the West Coast with me and even made an appearance in my 100 mile race. The final straw for me was when you no longer zipped up. Now, how am I supposed to stay dry when I can’t even close the front of you? Because of these reasons, I think you’ll understand my decision.

I have moved on, green jacket. This last hike on the Colorado Trail showed me the light when I took along a new companion, a North Face jacket, weighing in at just 10 ounces. It kept me dry, it didn’t break the bank, it weighs almost half your weight, and it’s downright cute.

Matt and Julie

Here we are on one of our last trips together in Yellowstone. I knew in this photo that I was in need of a replacement jacket.

This is it…so long, green jacket. We had some good years together and you have seen some of the best scenery in the country. You’re not even worthy of Goodwill, so you will be joining the weekly garbage. It’s not a dignified end to your life, but you are in such a dilapidated state that you have left me no choice. I’m sorry. It was good while it lasted. Goodbye, my friend.

PS. Your spirit lives on. Matt just purchased a green Marmot rain jacket that’s the spitting image of you.



Day 2

Day 2 on the AT – I still had faith in you, green jacket

Garlic bread

Eating garlic bread on the Appalachian Trail. I didn’t pay much attention to the jacket when I had food.


A dangerous place for me and my green jacket, in a donut shop.

New Hampshire

Hanging out with Hermes in New Hampshire on the AT

Break in Maine

When I could no longer trust your zipper, I wore you as a cape instead to keep the chill away on the AT.

Julie and Zippers

Hanging out with Candace, aka Zippers, from the AT, while we drove through Montana and visited Yellowstone

Goat Rocks

In Goat Rocks Wilderness on the PCT

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