Traveling in Japan (with a baby, as a vegan, as a runner)

A list of the highlights of our month in Japan, including the important aspects in our lives, which are keeping Paavo happy and entertained, eating good vegan good, and running lots of miles.

traveling with a babyTraveling with a Baby Lessons Learned

A few things we’ve learned along the way with regards to what to bring, how to travel, and what to look for in booking travel when bringing along a baby, courtesy of Paavo!

 Another Life List Item Complete – So What?!?

Matt explains what the CFA designation is all about and why he spent so much time and money learning and taking exams in order to finally carry the 3 letters behind his name.


How was your trip?

A quick summary of each of the places we visited over the last 6 months; while we originally had the ambition of writing a blog post for each city, the reality of tending to a (fast) crawling Paavo hit and we had to go summary style. Hopefully this still helps give an idea of what we did and what’s to come!

img_20160908_134750484Magic Hair and Dad Lessons

Matt shares his Dad lessons that he’s learned in order to help him be a better dad and in helping him put Paavo to sleep, which includes a little magic from his curly, ever-growing hair.

ml100-9Must be Present to Win: Mountain Lakes 100

A guest post from one of Matt’s runners and one of our good friends, Daisy, about her first 100 mile race this past September. It’s inspiring, informative, funny, touching, and most of all it makes us happy and proud to be runners and to be part of such a great group of people that take part in these crazy ultras. Thank you Daisy for sharing this with us!

img_20160729_095551264Letting Go of My Former Self

Julie reflects back on a post she wrote 4 months ago, but never published, about dealing with changes to life post-baby and how they’ve changed yet again leading up to the present, with Paavo reaching the 9 month milestone.

img_20160828_154810516Crewing for UTMB

Information I had a hard time finding pre-UTMB that I thought I’d pass along in case anyone else has the joy of either running or crewing at this race.


UTMB 2016 Preparations

We’ve been in the Chamonix Valley for weeks, Matt’s put in lots of training hours, and the race is finally just a few days away. How will it all unfold? Hopefully well, based on Matt’s preparations, which have been different from any ultra to date.

Why we Run

We wanted to share this race report from one of Matt’s runners, Daisy, who ran her second 50 miler this past month at the White River 50 in Washington. It’s so inspiring to read and sums up all the reasons why we run, an activity we’ve done for many years of our lives and which has influenced us greatly.

IMG_20160717_132503106How we Finance our Lifestyle

It’s a question people often want to ask but don’t: How do we do it? How to we pay for a travel lifestlye? It’s a subject near and dear to our hearts, that we talk about a lot, and think about constantly, and are happy to share with others.

IMG_20160717_141524285Pros and Cons of Baby Abroad

We are 3 months into our baby abroad lifestyle, currently in the middle of a 2 month stay in France, and Julie finally had time to put together some thoughts about it, including both the good and not-so-good aspects.

IMG_0416Review: Traveling Mailbox

One of the hurdles we’ve often encountered with traveling for long periods of time is what to do about receiving mail, and we’ve finally found a solution that we’re excited to share.

paavo clothesBaby Abroad Travel Gear

A look into what we’re carrying on this trip and how we’re trying to be as minimal as possible. While there’s still room for improvement, we’re happy with what we’re carrying so far and excited to update our kit after returning to the States in the Fall.

IMG_20160618_172920950How an Ultra Happens on a Whim

Matt’s story of how meeting a runner in Mexico turned into a weekend that included about 14 hours in a car, over 11 hours of running, and a rich experience worth every minute and every peso.

Hi! We are Matt, Julie and Paavo Urbanski, a family that loves to travel, run, hike, and explore our surroundings as we make new friends along the way.

Where are we now? Les Houches, France

Where are we now?
Bogota, Colombia

Our work, life, and travel connections:

Team RunRun

Traveling Mailbox

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What’s Coming Up


May 5 – June 7, Bogota, Colombia

We’ve always wanted to visit Colombia and a few connections and an open block of time allowed us to make the decision to visit Bogota for 6 weeks. We’re excited to practice our Spanish once again and get to know this city and country as best we can.


Running Connections

seattle running coachTeam RunRun: Reaching runners’ potential on the road, the track, and the trails.

7Hills_Seven_logoMatt is racing for Team 7 Hills, part of the Seven Hills Running Shop.

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