A Long Way From Nowhere is Here

Our first co-authored book about our adventures has been published! A Long Way From Nowhere: A Couple’s Journey on the Continental Divide Trail has made it through the writing and editing phases and is now available for purchase on Amazon in ebook and paperback.

In the book we tell the story of our 2013 hike of the CDT in a chronologic narration in which Julie and I alternate chapters as we make our way north on the 3,000 mile trail from Mexico to Canada. Along the way, we attempt to shed light on this massive, yet unknown mountain trail. We share stories of the ups and downs of the adventure, the wildness of the Rocky Mountains, the vastness and remoteness of the landscape, the people we met on the journey, and the impact this all had on our relationship as a couple. From bears and mountain lions to fires and floods, isolation and loneliness to trail friendships and camaraderie, logistical nightmares to extreme acts of human kindness…the depth of our experiences encapsulated so much. We only hope our storytelling does this amazing journey justice.


How to purchase?

A Long Way from Nowhere is now available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon. Follow this link to purchase either format.

A Long Way from Nowhere, cdt, continental divide trail

The cover shot is from the Black Range in New Mexico, one of the most desolate and memorable aspects of the journey.


Spread the word

The CDT is an amazing and largely unknown trail. There are few books out there about it and one of our main reasons for writing this book is to unveil this trail in all its beauty, harshness, and grandeur. While there is much that is the same in long distance hiking, the CDT offered many stark differences in experience relative to our PCT and AT hikes and as a result, this story is unique in many ways.

We are excited to share this story and are thankful to everyone that helps us spread the word, be it through social media and word of mouth, or through whatever other ways you may know.

We make a special request to those of you that are inclined to post book reviews on places like Amazon and Goodreads, to PLEASE help us out and put a review up once you’ve read our new story. Thousands of people see these and the words you use to describe the book and who may enjoy it, along with aspects of the book you found most inspiring, goes a long way in helping us reach a wider audience. While we’d love to reach a wider audience because it’s cool and ego-building to see our books grow in popularity, it’s also really meaningful to us when people that may not have encountered our work had it not been for social media and search optimization, come to us and tell us how our books have opened them to new ideas and adventures because of us sharing our experiences. We love adventure whether it’s us doing it or someone else, and if we can inspire a few more adventurers, then the work that went into this book will be all the more special.

Give us feedback

Please give us feedback on the book. You loved it: we would love to hear about it. Criticism: please share it with us. Typos: yeah, sorry about that, but we really want to know about it. We have once again self-published our book. We try to reflect this in the prices – we definitely don’t write these books in order to make a living.  We know there may be mistakes and that our grammar isn’t perfect; we hope you forgive us. Know that we’ve spent countless hours editing and reviewing and have done our best to make this book as clean as we possibly can. Alas, we are ready for the praise and the criticism that come with telling our story.

Thank you all for your continued support. We hope you like our new book. We are proud of it and we are proud to now share it with you.


Matt & Julie Urbanski

(Optimist & Stopwatch)

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3 Responses to A Long Way From Nowhere is Here

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  2. Purple and Carnivore says:

    We met you on the AT in 2011 – we were SoBo, and finished on Dec 1. Did the PCT last year, and are eyeing the CDT for 2016 – just bought the book to read some real accounts of the hike! Thanks for making it available!

    • admin says:

      That’s awesome! Glad you found our website and the book. Check in with us if there is anything we can help out with as your hiking planning gets going. We haven’t hiked for two years so simply talking trail feels good! Congrats on completing two great trails. The CDT is awesome and I’m glad you’re going for it! Cheers.

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