Jed and Jaime Extraordinaire

Jed and Jamie

Our friends in San Francisco who know good food, Jed and Jamie

We have run into the top hospitality of the bike trip so far and the honor goes to Jed and Jamie. We arrived in San Francisco nine days ago and just now got back on the bikes. We had an amazing stay and it was all made possible by the extreme generosity of our long time friend Jed.

Jed and I met back in 2003 when I first started working at Fisher Investments. He was my “mentor” and trained me for my first few months on the job. We hung out while we worked together and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. Every time we roll through SF, we always call him up, and every time we always get together and have a good time. We have stayed at Jed’s home before, a classy place on the border of the Financial District and Chinatown in the heart of SF, but this time was extra special.

We had talked a few days before our arrival and he said we were welcome to stay at his place because he had been staying at his girlfriend Jamie’s place for many months now and his place was sitting empty. We were excited by this and figured we’d stay two or three days and get back on the road. However, Jed continually would say to us, “you should really stay longer”, and that he liked visiting and he liked having someone using his place.

This turned out to be optimal for us and the things we needed to get done but hadn’t been doing: coming up with some sort of plan for new life projects. We both had been getting worn out by floating and were both feeling the pull to “get to work” on something new, challenging, and purposeful. Having Jed’s place to ourselves to get organized, do research, and talk to friends and family to make plans was perfect. We got so much done and now we have a pretty good plan laid out for the next 12 months or so.

So thank you Jed and thank you Jamie for the amazing and generous hospitality along with all the quality time we shared together. We really enjoy your company and hope we are able to spend more time together in the future. Thank you.

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