Jeff, Matt’s little brother, aka Rawhike, aka Brother Bear. We love you.

Jefferson: We tip our hats

Happy birthday little brother. We are proud of you and who you are. We think about you often while hiking and have enjoyed simply imagining that you may join us for the second half of our journey. We have literally spent hours talking about it from every angle and this alone has been enjoyable. If it works out that you’ll be able to get away and complete your thru-hike (2004/2011) from Georgia to Maine, it would be such a cool opportunity for you and for us; and the timing looks to be a very good fit with all our lives right now.

With that, we tip our hats to you little brother and wish you well on your birthday. If it is in the cards, we will eagerly await your joining us on the trail, and until then, wish you the best happiness.

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