Julie’s January Training

New year, new month, new racing season. It’s time to keep track of my runs more consistently, so this is my attempt.

Friday, January 31: Off

Flew to Texas for the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler. Had intentions of getting to the race course by 4 for the race briefing, but by the time we picked up the rental car, got lost picking up Eric, and made it to the race, it was after 5 and the race briefing was over. Eric already ran so just called it a zero day.

Thursday, January 30: Easy, 40 minutes, ??? miles

Ran 30 minutes easy along the waterfront, more like a yog than a run, but just wanted to see how the legs felt and shake them out. Felt surprisingly fresh. Finished with ten minutes easy walking up and down about 6 flights of stairs on the Harbor Steps outside our apartment building.

Wednesday, January 29: MP workout, 75 minutes, 9-10 miles

Really didn’t feel like doing a workout but figured I try and see how the legs felt since Sunday and since I took it easy the last two days. Started with a 15 minute warm up, a little longer than normal but lately I haven’t felt warmed up enough in workouts, so trying out a change. Then did 6 miles at MP pace, goal of 7:48, (7:45, 7:44, 7:37, 7:39, 7:39, 7:36) and a 15 minute cool down. Ran on the dirt part around Green Lake, dodging quite a few people and puddles in a steady rain.

Times were a little fast for the goal pace but this felt like the most natural rhythm where I was working to pay attention to the pace, but not working super hard. Happy with the workout and no soreness to speak of the next day. No knee pain either so I’m guessing it was just soreness from Sunday and from lunges in Yoga.

Walked with friends for 2 hours after the run, all around Queen Anne, then later walked for a total of 80-90 minutes with Matt, all around Downtown, up and down the “hill” to First Hill and Capital Hill.

Tuesday, January 28: Easy, 45 minutes, 60 minutes of P90X Core

Ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill because I just didn’t want to run the concrete outside and finished with a 10 minute walk at full incline. It was actually quite challenging, so I’ll have to remember to keep that in the routine. Immediately went into an hour of core and was completely pooped by the end. Quads still a little sore and right knee a little achy, but doesn’t feel serious.

Monday, January 27: Off, Yoga 75 minutes

Gladly took the day off and just did yoga in the evening. Quads were fairly sore from yesterday and my lower calves were a little off, so I didn’t push for an easy run.

Sunday, January 26: TLT workout, 2 hours, 15ish

Went to Green Lake for a TLT: Tempo, Long, Tempo workout. 10 minute warm up followed by 3x mile (7:11, 7:12, 7:07) then an hour easy around Woodland Park and Green Lake, then 2x mile (7:12, 7:06), followed by 10 minute cool down. Could have easily done at least 2 more mile repeats.

I’m always intimidated by this workout and I usually don’t feel calmed down until the final cool down. The track at Green Lake was super crowded so I had to weave around quite a few people, but managed to get it done and was a little fast overall, I think because of the weaving. Happy with the workout, no aches or pains or sore spots to speak of.

Saturday, January 25: Easy, 60 minutes, 7ish miles

Had planned on doing a workout but felt a few sore spots in my hips and calves from yoga, so I’m going to combine a workout and long run tomorrow in a TLT workout. Ran easy around Green Lake and felt nice and light and refreshed afterwards.

Friday, January 24: Easy, 30 minutes, ? miles

Ran along the waterfront. Tons of construction so I was all over the place but just wanted to go easy and short. Did 5 prison cell pushups and 3 pull ups after the run. Walked an hour outside up to Capital Hill and did an hour of yoga in the evening.

Thursday, January 23: Easy, 58 minutes, 6.5? miles

Ran around Green Lake in the am before a full day of hanging out with a friend. Was sort of all over the place because I had a bathroom emergency that took me one direction, only to see a closed bathroom, then back in another direction, before I looped the lake and then finished at a friend’s home. Left calf a little touchy above the ankle, but went slow and easy.

Wednesday, January 22: Marathon Pace workout, 9 miles (shocker, I know), 75 minutes total running

Holy schneikies, I haven’t done a hard effort since a race 11 days ago! It’s about time I get my ass back in the workout routine and an MP run was the perfect way to do it. My goal is to do one Tempo workout and one MP run each once a week. My goal pace was 7:48 miles, walking pace for some but still an effort on my part. Warmed up 15 minutes, did 6 miles at MP pace, then 15 minutes cool down, all around the 3 mile loop at Green Lake. Splits were 7:41, 7:46, 7:43, 7:43, 7:41, 7:39. Felt fairly comfortable the entire time but just had to pay attention a little more than past tempo or mp efforts. A good entrance back into the world of workouts.

Tuesday, January 21: Off, 60 minutes P90X Core Synergystics, 80 minutes walking

Oh, Tony Horton, I’m still not sure why I let you into my life in the first place, but every time I see you, I’m better for it afterwards. Thus is the case with your ass-kicker of a core workout that I plan on doing once a week for 3-5 weeks, then amping up to 2 times a week until Tahoe. My hips are horribly weak and so was my motivation to run today so I at least sucked it up and did something to make me sweat. Least favorite move that I still can’t fully do: Plank to Chataranga Run. Say that three times! Also walked about 80 minutes total for the day, up and down the hills out of downtown.

Monday, January 20: Easy, 47 minutes, ??? miles

Ran from the Seven Hills Shop at 2:30pm into Discovery Park and did the big loop. Matt’s got some funky pain in his right calf so I ran alone; I always lose motivation when he can’t run, so I’m shocked I finally got out there. Not a fan of running mid-afternoon though and my stomach was sloshing, my legs were tight, and by the time I was warmed up, I was back at the car. Need to get into a better rhythm of morning runs again.

Sunday, January 19: Easy, 2 hours, 8 miles?

Ran with a group at Cougar Mountain for the first time. Was happy with the loop and the pace but we stopped every mile or so to let other runners catch up, so we didn’t cover many miles, but it was understandable to keep the group together. I don’t do well stopping, then starting up again at a good pace, then stopping, so while I think I’ll still go meet with them to run, I might peel off and keep running continuously. Great group of people though and I even learned a few lessons about trying to make uphill running easier through better form. Legs finally not as sore from core work so I’m looking forward to getting back to workouts this week.

Saturday, January 18: Easy, 61 minutes, ???miles

Ran around Discovery Park with Kristin. Legs still fairly sore from P90X, so went easy again to loosen up the legs. Did the one big loop and then some to and from the Seven Hills Running Shop in Magnolia.

Friday, January 17: Easy, 40 minutes, 4.5 miles

The plan was to do a workout but I was fairly sore from P90X. I thought that might happen so I’m glad I’m starting up core work now so I can sacrifice a little running when it’s still early in the training season. Started up into tempo mile repeats and hit the first one at 7:16 but the 200m rest wasn’t enough. Started into the next one and my legs started tightening up really badly; tried relaxing but just wasn’t happening. Stopped the workout and just ran easy around the track while Matt continued. Bummer, but not a big surprise, and hopefully I get in a good core routine where I’m not so sore each time.

Thursday, January 16: Off, 1 Hour P90X Core Synergistics

Felt so shitty yesterday and I know I need to start incorporating at least 2 days a week of this core video so today was the day. No running, just an hour of core. Holy crap my hips and core are still week. 2 days a week of yoga for the last several months has helped, but it is certainly not enough. The plan is to do this 2 times a week on off days, then possibly progress and incorporate easy runs or longer walks on these days too to keep up the time on my feet aspect of Tahoe.

Wednesday, January 15: Easy, 35 minutes, 4 miles

Planned tempo track workout but my calves were still sore to the touch and I just felt really, really off for my first 25 minutes of running. Unsure why, as I had a good breakfast, a normal amount of coffee and water, and have taken quite a bit of rest since the race. Didn’t try and push the workout, coughing it up to fatigue for now, and will see how the body feels tomorrow. Will try another workout on Saturday. Finished the day with 5 prison cell push-ups and 3 pull-ups.

Tuesday, January 14: Easy, 68 minutes, 7-8ish miles

Ran at Discovery Park with Matt, one big loop with the hill and one small flatter loop. I have no idea what the mileage is on that and I don’t really care. Felt like crap, really low energy despite being fueled with food and water, and sore calves from Sunday’s stair efforts. Just went slower than normal and walked some of the steps on the uphills. Finished the day with 5 prison cell push-ups and 3 pull-ups.

Monday, January 13: Easy, 60 minutes, 7ish miles

Ran the typical out and back on the waterfront. Calves sore from yesterday’s stairs but otherwise no soreness from the race. Super-motivated now that I know I’m in the Tahoe 200 race! Did 5 prison cell pushups (for those that are familiar with Tony Horton) and 3 pull-ups afterwards.

Sunday, January 12: Easy, 65 minutes of stairs

Went to run on the treadmill and the gym floor was being waxed, so that was a no-go; really didn’t want to run pavement outside my door and didn’t want to drive to the trail. Legs were a little stiff from last night’s race so I came up with the idea of walking 25 flights of stairs for an hour to break a sweat, loosen up my legs, and keep from feeling like a lazy bum. Mission accomplished! Went up and down 25 flights 6 times each and was definitely tired by the end. Didn’t run them; just tried to walk and stay super steady.

Saturday, January 11: Race, 10.4 miles at Bridle Trails, 1:24.37 and (I think) 3rd in females

This race almost didn’t happen due to high winds and heavy rains. The course is known for it’s mud so I was a little nervous. Didn’t warm up at all because of the crappy weather and unsure race, so when the race started it was a painful jumpstart to the body on crowded, muddy trails. Just tried to push the pace, knowing it might feel fast but probably wasn’t because of such slow footing. Went through the first lap in 42 minutes, then tried to at least keep the pace and push the flat or less-technical sections. Really hard to see on some parts of the loop where it was really technical and deep in the woods, even though I had a headlamp; spent the entire 2nd lap almost completely alone. Finished in 1:24 and barely winded; probably could have pushed the easy stuff harder. Happy with the 1st race of the year, but it was a good indicator that I need to do many more long trail runs to get ready for Chuckanut.

Friday, January 10: Easy, 3 miles

3 miles on the treadmill; low motivation, crappy outside and didn’t want to run the pavement outside my door. Hoping this slump in training picks up after tomorrow’s race.

Thursday, January 9: Easy, 7-8ish, unsure

Two loops around Discovery Park with Matt, first the outer loop that has a big downhill, then a big uphill, and then the inner loop which is way easier and shorter. Unsure of the mileage but it felt like a good effort for 65 minutes.

Wednesday, January 8: Off, zero

Planned day off that I really didn’t need to take off, so ended up just feeling lazy and fat, but hey, how else am I supposed to find motivation in this rainy, cold weather here in Seattle?

Tuesday, January 7: Tempo workout, 8ish miles total

Workout at Green Lake. Dirt track was muddy, rutted and full of puddles, but we really didn’t have a choice, and it was drizzling rain. 10 minute warm up, 5xmile with 200 jog rest, then 10 minute cool down. Hit 7:14, 7:13, 7:14, 7:10, 7:12.

Felt crappy during the first three, then my legs sort of woke up and the last two were much easier. Glad to have it done and won’t do another workout until after this Saturday’s race.

Monday, January 6: Easy, 7 miles

Finally got my butt out there for at least an hour on the waterfront. Flat and pavement, not so great for trail training but didn’t have a car to go anywhere else and I was just happy I got out there. Temps were in the high 30’s and some sun; compared to much of the rest of the country, I’ll take it. Felt kind of sluggish but my pace was the same as some runs when I feel springy.

Sunday, January 5: Easy, 5 miles

Stayed up too late last night and couldn’t drag my ass out of bed in time for a long run at Cougar, so I took the easy way out and ran 45 measly miles along the waterfront. I’m sure I was faster than 9 minute pace but since I don’t know the distance of that run, I just round down.

What a bum. Happy I got out but totally had full intentions of a long run with Matt. Feeling fairly worn down from going to bed late, getting up early, and getting over this head cold. Hoping this week goes a little better leading up to next Saturday’s 10 mile trail race.

Saturday, January 4: TLT, 12 miles

Tempo, Long, Tempo; one of my favorites but damn, it’s hard, mainly mentally. 10 minute warm up, then 2 miles at Tempo pace without rest (7:12, 7:10), then an hour easy around Green Lake, then 2 miles at Tempo pace without rest (7:14, 7:10), then 10 minute cool down, all consecutively. Felt great, a little fatigue by the end of the easy hour but I got right on pace back on the track. Kind of dreaded this workout but it went really well.

Friday, January 3: 0 miles

Succumbed to Matt’s training plans of avoiding easy runs. The last day off was Monday, so a little frequent on the zero days. Quads were still feeling a little wrecked as I walked around town though.

Thursday, January 2: Tempo workout, 7 miles total

10 minute warm up followed by 2×2 mile at 7:17 goal pace with a 400 meter jog rest in between. Did 7:14, 7:12, 7:12, 7:11; a little fast but each one felt fairly easy and I was done before I knew it. Felt strong, relaxed and springy, though I felt a twinge of soreness in the quads from the long run last Sunday at Cougar. 10 minute cool down.

Wednesday, January 1: Easy, 6.5 miles

Started the new year out right with a group run at Seven Hills Running Shop. Ran with about 8 other runners around Discovery Park for an hour, stopping a few times at the tops of the hills to let everyone re-group.

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