Let’s Get Ready to Rumbleeeeeee!

Julie and rumblestrip

Julie and Rumblestrip hanging out for the first time since the Appalachian Trail, almost a whole year ago

Anyone who has ever been to a high school or college basketball game knows this quintessential phrase that’s blasted over the loud speakers before the start of each game, pumping up the players and fans for an exciting event. This phrase was in my head all day yesterday as we traveled from Naples to Prague, anticipating not only the marathon we’ll be running on Sunday, but our visit with Rumblestrip.

We first met Rumblestrip in a shelter in New Hampshire on the Appalachian Trail last summer. We stuck with him until the end of the trail, and went so far as to drop him off at his farm on our way home from the trail. He is a 19-year old from Bainbridge, OH, who was raised on a Mennonite farm, hiked the Appalachian Trail last year, and is spending his summer traveling around Europe and beyond, working on organic farms, forming an amazing life story, and living on the cheap.

After just a day here in Prague, we’ve caught up with Rumblestrip about his time so far in Hungary, talked about his ideas for future plans, and walked around Prague for four hours (hope the legs don’t hate me tomorrow). We’re staying here until Tuesday afternoon, so we plan on getting a little crazier once the race is over and we don’t have to worry about extra miles or different food affecting our run. I might even try a local beer for all those beer-lover friends of ours who would find it a sin if we left Prague without even a taste of one of its best-known products.

For now, I’ll keep repeating this phrase until the race is over tomorrow and I’ve taken the victory post-race shower that I love so much.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumbleeeeeee!!!

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