Matt’s Top 9 of Week One

Matt with bikes

Taking a break from the riding alongside the coast for some beautiful scenery

After one week of the Life on a Bike adventure, it is time to list the top nine things I love about this lifestyle. Know that I am heavily influenced by my hiking experiences so much of my love of the biking life comes as a direct comparison to hiking. Here goes:

9.) Washing my clothes more frequently. It is more of a rinse, but just about every day after my ride, I hop into the shower with my clothes on and not only wash myself, but also rinse my clothes off.

8.) Eating fresh food and being able to get basically whatever I want each day without having to worry much about the weight I’m carrying.

7.) Daily showers.

6.) This form of travel is really low budget. This makes me feel better after not earning a paycheck in over six months.

5.) James Browne’s “Sex Machine” and The Police’s “Roxanne” have successfully pushed Katy Perry out of the top spot on my daily mental playlist.

4.) Having virtually no schedule. We wake up without an alarm and since we’re not traveling too far each day, don’t have much of an agenda to make us feel rushed.

3.) Along with having no schedule, we’ve had lots of personal time to read and write and time to talk with other travelers from all over the world. They’ve helped fill our heads with many more travel ideas.

2.) Julie time. She gets to have her alone time and is very happy that way. I’m happier when Julie is happier.

1.) Lots of Matt and Julie time. We haven’t had a home for awhile and our little tent really does feel like home each night.

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