The Mythical Travel Lifestyle

The Motivation

I’ve been wanting to write on Urbyville again for some time. My main motivation is because I think it’s important to take time to reflect on what we’re doing with our lives, and blogging our story is good for that. I’ve also been wanting to write more of late because I see it as a good way of creating mental cues for us to go back to later in life to remember all the cool things we’re experiencing as a family. I feel like we’re doing so much and we’re always go go go; I think I’ll need some help remembering it all, and blogging solves that too.

But the reason I am actually writing now is somewhat out of a sense of duty. While at a nice little playground in Melbourne, Australia a couple days ago, we met a cool guy named Tom and his daughter Isla. Tom, a striking figure, tan and athletic, sitting on the swings with his 11 month old daughter was friendly, gave us travel tips, and also asked us lots of good questions about what we do and how it all works. I mention his look because Julie and I couldn’t help but both notice!

Near the end of our conversation, Tom said something along the lines of “it’s great to actually meet people doing what you’re doing. I have heard of people doing this, but I’ve never actually met anyone living this kind of travel and digital work lifestyle before. It’s really a mythical way of living that many aspire to but never do.” He then asked if we were active on social media, which led to the “we have a blog but haven’t written much in the past two years…” So now I’m writing.

Making friends everywhere he goes…balloon wings help

The sense of duty comes from the fact that this nomadic lifestyle, which we have purposefully chosen to maintain, is something that others maybe dream of. I feel like if by doing nothing other than sharing our story as we circle the globe, meeting new people, exploring new places, and doing it as a small little family with a small little online business, if we happen to inspire, inform, or motivate someone else to think about making the next step toward whatever their dream life is, then making the effort to blog is totally worth it. And if no one is inspired, at least I will have the memories written down and saved so we can look back someday!

A Unique Lens

We are a unique blend and what you’re likely to get from upcoming blog posts from our travels is probably only interesting and applicable to a really small subset of the population. We have three main lens which filter all of our experiences:

  • We have a two year old so all of our travels have to be cool for a toddler!
  • We eat a plant based diet so all of our food experiences are shaped by this voluntary choice. We love food, we write about it, and it’s all from a vegan perspective.
  • We run, a lot! We are running coaches, we have a running coaching business, and we run nearly every single day. So when we travel, we’re always looking for cool places to train and to race.

If you think those things are cool, then we’re the blog for you! And if they’re not for you, we warned you ahead of time!

Petting roos in Gold Coast

So I plan to write more in 2018. My plan is to write about each of the main places we visit, share stories of what we did, write about things we liked, food, running, and kids stuff, and anything else of note, and share it on our blog. I’m motivated, I’m excited, and I’m hoping I stick with it because there are so many good reasons to share stories of our “Mythical Travel Lifestyle”. Thank you for the kick in the pants good-looking Tom!

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