Round 2: I think I can, I think I can

The Runners

The Marathon Madness runners – Julie, Matt and Jeff.

Round 2 of the back to back marathons is quickly approaching, and I’m telling my body to heal as fast as it can. My mind certainly knows what it has to do this weekend, but I don’t think my body knows just yet. All the achiness and soreness are still lingering in my quads and hamstrings, and yesterday I tweaked my quad again while doing a core workout (probably should have reconsidered doing this workout). Now I’m back to gingerly sitting down and standing up again, hoping the next 48 hours will work some miracles on my legs and toenails.
As for the details of the weekend, the short version: it’s crazy. For those who’d like to know more about where we’ll be and how we’ll get there, here’s more info:

Friday morning: 7 hour drive to Warner Robins, GA. We’re staying a hotel that gave us a deal for running the race, and they have a late checkout of 2pm the next day. Translation: we can shower before squeezing back into the car for a long drive to Baton Rouge.
Saturday morning: 8am Museum of Aviation race start on the Air Force base. Crazy aspect of the race is that we have to turn in our IDs and can only get them back once we leave the base, so they can make sure no one is hanging around the base for more than the race.
Saturday afternoon: After we’ve all finished, showered and collected possible awards, it’s a 9 hour drive to Baton Rouge, LA. Somewhere in there, as if we needed extra logistical aspects, we have to fit in a visit to a sports bar to watch the second half of the 49ers game. I’ll probably nap in the car for that section.
Sunday morning: 7am Louisiana Marathon race start in Baton Rouge. This race should be very interesting, and that’s about all I can say for now.
Sunday afternoon: 12pm checkout, so hopefully we all finish in time to shower at the hotel, and then it’s a 4 hour drive back home. I imagine a stop to Walmart will be in order to pick up some off-limits calories such as chips and ice cream. This aspect alone just might get me through the marathons.

Also a big part of this weekend are the essential packing items. Not that these items weren’t essential last week, but it will be downright devastating if we don’t include them this week:

Ibuprofen: I’ve been popping 4-6 a day of these, hoping whatever is in them will heal me and hold off the pain during the races.
Bodyglide: I was lucky for the few chaffed spots I had last week, but if I can avoid them in this round, I will with my trusty Bodyglide.
Vaseline: Bodyglide before there was bodyglide. I’m not sure anything tops Vaseline when it comes to preventing chaffage, so this too will go all over my problem spots, including my feet, toes, inner thighs, butt, under my sports bra, pretty much anywhere clothing is touching or skin is rubbing.
Duct tape: A new player in the game this go-round, but still of high importance. I’ll be taping up my toenail and possibly a blister spot.

Today is laundry, packing and logistical planning for the next few days, and then it’s time to put the plans into action. We’ll post details once the races are over. Thank you to all those following these marathons – it’s at least motivating to finish a little sooner, knowing people are going to look at our results!

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