Running in Queretaro

We run nearly every day without exception. As we travel from destination to destination we always have to figure out where to run in our new, temporary home. Sometimes this is easier than others, but more often than not, it is a challenge. We scan the internet, we look for blogs, we check Strava and Mapmyrun.

We wrote what we couldn’t find on the internet: a quick guide for running in new locations. If there is info you’re interested in that we didn’t think to include, or there are places we should be running in that we’re not, please tell us. It’ll make our lives better, our research easier, and it’ll help all the other runners out there that are looking for places to run in new locations.

The gravel path around a lake at Parque 2000

The gravel path around a lake at Parque 2000

Fast Facts:

When: 6/21/2016-6/28/2016

Miles run: 70

Where we lived: Historic city center in Queretaro

Pollution (self-made index 1-5): 3

Elevation: 6100’

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Elite

Paavo’s age: 6.5 months

Quickscore (1-5 scale): 3

-Where did you run? – specific routes or areas

Another view of the path around the lake at the park

Another view of the path around the lake at the park

Parque 2000 – I literally ran here for all 70 miles while in Queretaro. I ran the 4+ kilometers too and from our airbnb place in the central historic district on some of the days and on others we took an uber to the park and did all the running there. There is a 2k gravel path loop around a man-made lake that I did a lot of my running on. There was also a nice track (apparently not open on Sundays) that I also used for strides and one speed workout. The park was used often but didn’t feel crowded. It also felt safe due to the constant presence of runners and other users. The park has a wide variety of sporting complexes so there is constantly stuff going on there. There was even a vegan food fair over the weekend we were there!

-How accessible were the good running locations? Road, track, trail?

The roads felt safer to run than other places I’ve run and they weren’t as crowded as Mexico City. I also didn’t feel like dogs were so much a problem. The track was great and accessible. The gravel path around the lake was all the trail I found.


I felt safe, especially in the park. There was a general area on some of my runs to the park that had me feeling a little uneasy, nothing blatantly obvious to worry about, but it didn’t feel like a great place to be running.


Sunny and warm while we were there (mid-June) but not humid or gross hot.

A view of the streets through town

A view of the streets through town

-What was the running vibe?

In the park it felt normal and encouraging to run. I saw one other runner running the streets while I was there so outside of the park, the running vibe was pretty non-existent.

-Running community?

We found a race without even trying.We happened upon packet pickup on a Friday, registered on Saturday, and Julie raced on Sunday. There are definitely runners in Queretaro as there were more than 5,000 racers at the Medio Maraton.

-Running stores and access to new gear

Ran past a store on my way to the park. Didn’t go in but it advertised Nike, Pearl Izumi, and a few other big brands on their store window. It’s also where David from San Miguel de Allende goes for all his running gear.

-Racing opportunities?

The race found us!

-Best parts about running in city

The park had no cars to worry about and wasn’t overly crowded, but also not void of other runners.

The nice track at Parque 2000

The nice track at Parque 2000

-Least favorite aspect of running in city

Didn’t find any variety. 70 miles in one place for one week is fine, but it wouldn’t be a good solution if I were staying longer. I didn’t try very hard to find other spots though and they may very well exist, so maybe this isn’t actually a downside.

-Special tips/pointers for others

Sunscreen. With direct sun, no cloud cover, and high elevation, my sunburn that I sustained during the Coahuila 100k didn’t improve and I got some fresh burns. You’d think I would learn!

-Best stories from running there

Happening upon packet pickup of a big half marathon and Julie jumping into the race. That is being open to and seizing opportunity!

What did we miss? Other great places to run in Queretaro?

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