The Big Turnaround


6:45am – left our last campsite in Glacier National Park heading north along Waterton Lake.
8:30am – reached the Canadian border with Raisins, took some photos, and headed on into Canada.
10:00am – arrived at Waterton village, ate a sub, and then checked in with the Royal Canadian Mounty Police to let them know we walked into Canada.  We then attempted to hitchhike out of the village and back to the US with no success (though six different Canadians pulled over and offered to take us part way.
2:30pm – got a shuttle to the US border at Chief Mountain after eating burritos and sweet potato fries in town.
3:00pm – walked back into the US through customs in line behind the cars.
3:15pm – got a hitch from the first car through immigration after us. They had seen us trying to hitch back in Waterton and were eager to help us out.
4:00pm – after being dropped at St Mary’s in Glacier, we got another hitch within ten minutes that took us back to East Glacier where we could rent a car.
5:00pm – rented a car, went and visited with other hikers getting ready for their last few days of hiking, and then began our drive with Raisins to the airport.
9:00pm – dropped Raisins off at the Great Falls airport for his flight that left at 6:00am the next morning. We picked up some snacks and began our drive to Colorado.
11:55am – arrived in Durango, CO after driving straight through the night through Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado. We resupplied for our next section, Julie got new shoes, and she also picked up some new clothes for the colder Colorado nights.
4:00pm – our friend Karla picked us up at the airport where we dropped off our car. We ran some errands down in New Mexico with her – Julie helped her pick out a computer, and then headed to her home in SouthFork.
10:00pm – had an awesome dinner, showered, Julie had a bubble bath, we caught up on the day’s football action with Mark, and then finally headed off to sleep.
10:00am – had an amazing pancake and vegan bacon breakfast, called home, packed our bags, everything was clean thanks to Karla, and then we headed to the trail.
3:00pm – we get some pictures at the trailhead with Karla and then are back on the trail at Cumbres Pass where we forced off back in June due to the fires. We now have 288 miles to Monarch Pass where we skipped ahead to.
All in all, this was a power packed few days and we are simply amazed at how well it all worked out.  Thanks again to Karla and Mark for the great hospitality and logistics help.  You have helped make our triple crowns possible.  Now, on to the San Juan’s!
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