This Boring Italian Life

Statue in Rome

Oh, you know, just another guy on a horse in the middle of a park in Rome.

We’ve been here almost a week already and after the glitz and glam of the Business Elite flight and the tour of the Amalfi Coast with some dining in the gorgeous coastal town of Positano, we have gone boring, and we love it! We are likely committing a grave sin for most that would like to be in Italy in our position, but we are enjoying ourselves tremendously. The tough part for us now is getting ourselves to actually get out of the house and tour a little of Europe at all.

We are indeed impressed by what we’ve seen of Europe and there are certainly places we’d like to visit. However, we are also blending the time here with other projects and we enjoy them just as much if not more. Here is a little run down of how we’re happily spending our time in Italy right now:

-Running: we have four marathons coming up in the next 2 months as well as a full running calendar for the summer so it’s time to get prepared. Plus, we like to eat and also value our health.

-CPA study: Julie starts intensive accounting classes at University of Washington in June and will take the CPA exams this fall so she has begun studying to get ready for school and the test.

-CFA Exam: I am scheduled to take a big financial exam in December and there are literally thousands of pages to read and study to get ready.

-School: I’m currently enrolled in a Medical Terminology course at North Seattle Community College. I am getting prerequisites completed to apply for nursing school and this class was available online so I am getting started.

-Spanish: While we learned a good deal in Guatemala, we also realized how much more we have to learn so we’re doing exercises in our workbooks and trying to read books in Spanish.

So we’re happily keeping busy and still trying to cash in on the Italian experience at the same time. We’re cooking good food with the local ingredients (lots of pasta, bread, veggies, and pizza). We are also trying to figure out the logistics for getting to Madrid for our first marathon and what touring we’ll do en route to our next three European marathons further up north without spending too much cash (the less we spend, the longer we go).

So we’re living what some may view as a boring life here in Italy, lucky if we get outside for the day for more than our daily running, yet we’re loving it. We’re running along the water, exploring new places daily, and we’re also getting things done. Our friends here have a couple different Rick Steves’ Italy DVDs so maybe we’ll simply get the tour of the country that way and enjoy learning about medical terminology, accounting, and financial markets the remainder of the day.

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