Turning a Green Leaf

After nearly 640 miles, we saw our first flowing water source on the trail and it was even in New Mexico. About 9 miles out from Cuba, we almost couldn’t believe our eyes or our ears as we saw the rushing water. It was beautiful. We also found ourselves gaining 3500 feet and the climb was rewarded with pine trees, green grass and lush meadows that extended for miles. It was a wonderful change from the rest of New Mexico’s hot, dry, dusty conditions. This morning we even came across a spring, spurting water right out of the side of the mountain. And it was so chilly in temperature to start the day that we both had on jackets, hats and gloves.

While the scenery has changed quite a bit, we aren’t in the clear just yet. We still have about 100 more miles of New Mexico and we just passed the Chama River, our only water source for the next 22 miles. But, we are hopeful for what is to come in Colorado, with its big mountains, dense forests and numerous water sources,at least in comparison to what we’ve experienced thus far.

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