Grocery run

Are you gonna eat that? Just a few grocery bags for our next resupply.

We had our third hotel stop of the trail this past weekend in Waynesboro, VA at the southern terminus of Shenandoah National Park and this time we did the town stop different than the other two and while we had a good time in the previous towns, Waynesboro takes the cake at this point.

It started with a list of “trail angels” and their phone numbers at the road crossing into Waynesboro – the town was a few miles off the trail and the trail angels offered rides into and out of town. We called a few and an older gentleman named Walt picked us up, gave us a tour of the town and then to our hotel; we were off to a good start.

This hotel, the Quality Inn, was the first actual chain-type hotel on the trail that we’ve encountered thus far and it worked out really well for us. We had WiFi in the room to update the website, a nice king size bed, and a bathroom with a good hot water heater. We were immediately pleased upon entering the room. This is important because it played into the rest of our town decisions.

In the past, we’d been super busy in town. We had to update the website with videos, pictures, and our stories. We had to buy more food for the trail. We had to gorge in town as well, and we had to take a couple hours to go to the laundry mat and clean our clothes. There are also typically many hikers in town at the same time so there is usually socializing going on as well which is usually fun but can also take some of the precious town time.

This time around we did it differently. We got cleaned up and got a meal at the local Italian place. We were a bit underwhelmed to say the least. I won’t go too into it but when the menu says that there are to be fresh vegetables sautéed in butter and parmesean, I am certainly going to be disappointed with boiled and possibly frozen vegetables mixed with some noodles and a watery alfredo sauce. Anyway, we had a meal, hit up the ice cream shop on the way back to the hotel and then watched a movie for the next couple hours.

It was then off to Kroger for the resupply. To go along with the resupply, we purchased food to eat in the hotel for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. We bought chips and guacamole. We bought some frozen Indian food, some pesto tortellini, and a fancy bean and cheese burrito. We bought a salad kit, yogurt, cinnamon rolls, orange juice. We ate fresh oranges, mangos, and bananas, along with some broccoli with a cheese sauce. Julie also had her customary Diet Coke and pretzels. Needless to say, we never left our hotel room from the time we got back from Kroger until check out time the next day, and it was absolutely fabulous. We watched another two movies on TNT and slept wonderfully with full bellies in a nice, comfortable bed.

All in all, it was a fabulous town stop. We easily got a ride back to the trail from another local trail angel named Bill and were back hiking by 11:30am the next day. Most every town stop is different, but this one was special for our couple time and truly relaxing. We didn’t even wash our clothes figuring that one more week of stink wouldn’t be too bad.

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