We are on our Way

Lombard street

The famous Lombard street in San Francisco. You’ll want to check your brakes before driving down the street

SF has been great to us. We always talk about the food, and yet again, we have loved the dining here and will have a review of all the great places soon. We’ve had a good time with our friends and family. And most importantly for us at this current spot in life, we have a plan and consequently, are ready to get back on the bikes and keep heading south.

We are signing up for plane tickets, we are signing up for races, putting together school applications, and planning future visits with friends and family. This past week has seriously been what we’ve needed since we left our jobs 7 months ago.

So the plans for the next phase are to get back on the bikes on Tuesday morning to book it to SoCal to hopefully meet up with the Rooney clan down there. We then head down to LA to potentially visit some friends before heading down to San Diego, hopefully to see some more Rooney’s. From there, we will leave our bikes behind and hop on a bus to the Tijuana Airport to fly down to San Jose Cabo where we’ll catch a bus to Todos Santos. We have our bus tickets and flights booked and now simply need to get to San Diego by October 10thto catch them. We plan on being in Mexico for just under three weeks to enjoy time with friends and see what the southern part of Baja is all about.

On top of getting many things in order for the next 12 months, we have had a really relaxing time at Jed’s place. Julie and I have gotten into the show “Chopped” on the food network. We have watched movies and football. And for the first time on this trip, the 49ers and Notre Dame were both victorious on the same weekend.

There will be much more to come on Urbyville regarding all the fun adventures we’re planning for the next year. Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas and for all the hospitality we’ve received over the past seven months. We are learning a good deal about ourselves out here and we’re learning a lot from all the good people we’ve been able to spend time with this year. Thanks again.

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