Size does Matter

Size does Matter…for pack weight, that is

I have 4 important numbers to share at the start of this trail. First is weight: 149.6 lbs for me and 124 lbs for Julie. As a point of reference, our normal running weights are 138 and 121 respectively. As you can see, Julie did much better than I did prior to the trail in keeping her weight in check. I absolutely can’t wait to get started tomorrow to start shedding these extra pounds and then some.

The other important numbers are 23 and 26 lbs, the starting pack weights for all our gear including food for the first few days and water to start with tomorrow. We are both thrilled with how we’ve controlled our gear so that we can carry less and hopefully enjoy the trail all the more. We have the basics and a few luxury items but we feel well equipped at this point.

Tomorrow starts the journey after a full month of visiting friends and family. We’ve had a great time overall with lots of time for introspection and personal growth. It’s so exciting to be starting a new life of our own tomorrow though.

Right now, we’re at the Appalachian Trail approach trail in Amicalola Falls State Park, GA. After a day of traveling from Charleston, SC with Julie, my sister, and her two boys, Austin and Aiden, I am pretty exhausted. We are in our tent after a full day of driving, searching for a lost dog, playing around the park, hiking, and an evening around the campfire with the boys. This on top of a busy week with the Morrison’s an a wonderful evening out with our friends Ryan and Anna Thompson in Charleston yesterday.

Thanks to everyone that has hosted us, fed us, and provided us with your company and advice over the past month as we’ve prepared for the journey. We look forward to having you all as part of this adventure.

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