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Shoe changeAnother Step Closer at Rocky 2015

Rocky Raccoon #4. Definitely getting better, not quite there yet, but major improvement at the 100 mile distance.

Julie sailingOur Normal Life Blog

Here is our ongoing story of what we do in between our more adventurous adventures. We’ll do our best to keep this ongoing post updated with our attempts at making life adventurous, within the context of an apartment lease, having a job, and going to school. (Last updated: 1/29/15) 

white pass pilot ridge loopLessons from a Newbie

A 29 mile loop in the North Cascades with a total newbie backpacker from the city? I learned that I know more than I thought about living outside.

 2014 Run Rabbit Run 100 Recap

My version of 100 miles on the RRR course, thoughts on the race and season, and preview of what’s in store for the next season.

Our Fantastically Organized Adventures

In Good Company

logosmallUrbanski Coaching: Reaching runners’ potential on the road, the track, and the trails.

Julie is proud to be a Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador

Matt is racing for Team 7 Hills, part of the Seven Hills Running Shop.

What’s Coming Up

Sunday, March 15th, 2015: LA Marathon

We’re getting the Marathon Madness crew back together for a flat, fast marathon on a point-to-point tour of a course in LA, from Dodger Stadium to the beach. All of us are hoping for fast times in the race and good times back together with family in LA.

June 6, 2015: CFA Exam: Level II

The second installation of a 3 part exam towards the Chartered Financial Analyst designation that Matt’s been pursuing for the last few years. It’s kinda like an ultra in that it takes lots of preparation and a little luck to get it right on testing day, where about 40% of people actually pass.

Saturday, June 27th, 2015: Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

This one’s a biggie. Matt had a 4.7% chance of getting into this race in the December lottery, and lo and behold, that lucky duck got a golden ticket to the race. For those ultra newbies out there, it’s like the Boston marathon of 100 milers here in the States. It’s sure to be awesome, especially if Matt runs well.

Sometime in July: NCLEX Exam

As part of our quest to be multi-talented people, Matt’s been in nursing school the past 2 years and is about to be an RN, as soon as he sits for (and hopefully passes) the NCLEX exam to cap off his nursing school experience.

Saturday, July 25th, 2015: White River 50

We can’t seem to get enough of this classic Pacific Northwest race. This was our first ultra back in 2008 and this year Julie will be running it for her second time while Matt crews Julie and supports the runners he coaches that will be out there racing too.

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