IMG_20160606_1141455226 Thoughts at 6 Months

Julie looks back at Paavo’s first 6 months of life and has a thought for each month as we continue to learn about the adventure of parenthood.


Vegan in Mexico City

We’ve been exploring Mexico City on foot and through its (surprisingly) many vegan food options, using the Happy Cow app to guide us along the way.

IMG_20151216_101107125Finnish Baby Box Review

Yes, Paavo slept in a cardboard box the first 3 months of his life and it came with all we needed when he arrived. I’ve had this review brewing in my mind for some time now since I’ve had several months to use the box and its contents, and because we’ve had so many people ask us about it.

Baby Abroad

We’ve been cooking up some great plans in 2016 and it’s about time we unveil them! We’re currently in Mexico City with some exciting plans for Spain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Croatia, and Portugal. Oh Baby!

Paavo-12Newborn Survival Kit

Julie’s list of her favorite things that have helped us get through the first few months of Paavo’s life. Most of the time we feel like we’re stumbling through this parenting thing, but these things have certainly helped with sleep and sanity along the way.

IMG_20151211_1228040139 Realizations of Motherhood

As much as we tried to be prepared for parenthood, BAM! we quickly realized that this is an experience like no other. Here are Julie’s 9 biggest realizations from the first 4 weeks.


What’s Coming Up

May 1 – July 1: Mexico! A mixture of cities, including Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Queretaro, and Cancun, with the vast majority of our time spent in Mexico City

June 12th, Split Adidas 16k

This will be Julie’s first race since the LA Marathon in March 2015 and since giving birth to Paavo! It’s just a few miles from our place here in Mexico City.

July 2 – July 6: Madrid, Spain and Geneva, Switzlerland. Two stops along our way to France, as Cancun to Madrid was the cheapest flight into Europe, and we couldn’t pass up the chance to spend a couple days in Madrid and a couple days in Geneva, as the place we’re staying in France is just a short ride from Geneva.

July 6 – September 3: France! Spending the majority of our time in the town of Les Houches, right on the UTMB race course, so Matt can get lots of good training in while we’re there. We’ll spend some time in another town in France after the race as well.

August 26th, Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

We’re heading to Chamonix, France for this iconic 100 mile race that tours the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps. Paavo is going international!

September 3 – September 11: Athens, Greece. In an effort to see as much of Europe as possible while we’re over there in a cheap way, flights were cheapest from Geneva to Greece, so why not?

September 11 – September 19: Bucharest, Romania. We need to leave the Schengen Zone for a few days so we don’t go over our 90 day tourist visa in Europe, and again, going with the theme of cheap flights and cool places to see, this place fit!

September 19 – September 26: Berlin, Germany. We’ll be seeing two of Matt’s running clients run the Berlin Marathon, so why not stay a whole week and check out the city?

September 26 – October 7: Croatia and Paris, France. We’ll be continuing travels with one of Matt’s runners from Berlin, and meeting up with other friends and runners for a stint in both Croatia and Paris.

November 6, New York City Marathon

This will be Matt’s first time running this race, and will mark our return to the States from our time abroad. We’re also hoping we can visit friends and family in NYC along the way.

December 3, The North Face 50 in San Francisco

Going with the theme of traveling where the running takes us, Matt will be running the North Face 50 just outside of the city as we approach Paavo’s first birthday!

Running Connections

logosmallUrbanski Coaching: Reaching runners’ potential on the road, the track, and the trails.
7Hills_Seven_logoMatt is racing for Team 7 Hills, part of the Seven Hills Running Shop.

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