Paavo-12Newborn Survival Kit

Julie’s list of her favorite things that have helped us get through the first few months of Paavo’s life. Most of the time we feel like we’re stumbling through this parenting thing, but these things have certainly helped with sleep and sanity along the way.


An Apology

It’s time I come clean and apologize to all my mom friends out there for silently judging you for all things natural to motherhood: dirty dishes, scatterbrained conversations, field trips to Target…

IMG_20151211_1228040139 Realizations of Motherhood

As much as we tried to be prepared for parenthood, BAM! we quickly realized that this is an experience like no other. Here are Julie’s 9 biggest realizations from the first 4 weeks.

32 weeksOh, the Places You’ll Grow!

Julie’s experiences (or lack thereof) thus far of being 34 weeks pregnant and counting. Only several more weeks to go until we meet the little man that’s been kicking around in her belly these last several months.

RRR100 mile 30 regroupWhat Happened? – RRR100 2015
What happened? I literally went from feeling like I was “putting on a clinic” – this was the actual thought going through my mind at mile 80, to “this might be the worst suffering at a finish I can ever recall”. Read More

A Long Way from NowhereThe Next Step with our Hiking Books
Our ideal for the future of our books is to have the books easily and affordably available to anyone interested in learning about the long distance hiking experience. This is how we’re attempting to do it…Read More

What’s Coming Up

March 5th, Lake Sammamish Half Marathon

Matt and Team U hit the pavement for a fast, flat half marathon on the East Side. Should be a good group effort.

April 18th, Boston Marathon

Matt will be running Boston for the second time and will be enjoying the break from the 100 mile trail runs for some faster road time on the feet.

April 30th, North Face 50 Mile Endurance Challenge, Bear Mt. NY

Getting in a 50 while Matt has his marathon fitness from Boston. First 50 in almost 2 years.

June 4th, CFA Level 3 Exam

The final exam of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program that Matt has been working on for the past few years.

August 26th, Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc

We’re heading to Chamonix, France for this iconic 100 mile race that tours the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps. Paavo is going international!

Running Connections

logosmallUrbanski Coaching: Reaching runners’ potential on the road, the track, and the trails.
7Hills_Seven_logoMatt is racing for Team 7 Hills, part of the Seven Hills Running Shop.

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