About Us

matt and julie urbanskiWe aim to live a rich and challenging life, avoiding the thoughtless acceptance of societal norms, with relentless focus on improved ways of living.  We claim responsibility for our story and we aim to write the best story possible.

We have created our list of values that help guide our decision making and exemplify the attributes we think are most important for living well.

We challenge others to think about their lives, both for their own betterment, and for the betterment of others.  We welcome criticism and appreciate those that constructively question our decisions and our motivations.  Those with fortitude to stand up and question are people deserving of much respect.

In living our lives according to these ideas, we have taken on many identities.  We are runners, we are long distance hikers, we are travelers, we are writers, and we are students.  We have been many roles and there are many more we hope to become.  Fear is the prospect of not being able to fully live them all before dying; reality is the acceptance that there is limited time in a world of limitless possibilities.  Together, there is motivation to keep pushing.

We seek out people with a similar mission and are thankful whenever we encounter thoughtful people.  We aim to share our passion for living well and challenging the status quo.  There is strength in numbers and positive change has greater impact when people unite.

Urbyville is our home for sharing our passion, our love of life, and living well.  We are grateful for your visit, we encouragingly look forward to your thoughts and criticism, and it’s our sincere hope that you live life to the fullest, and live it as well as you possibly can.

Matt and Julie Urbanski

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