70 Minutes

Matt and I ran 70 minutes last night on a paved bike path near our apartment, the furthest we’ve run in a couple of weeks. We’re still getting our legs back after hiking the Colorado Trail in late August/early September. Then we got ghiardia, or at least it finally showed its symptoms, and we didn’t run for several days.

I couldn’t help but notice inner thigh chaffage last night near the end of the run and I attribute it to one of two culprits:

  1. The second run on my running skirt probably wasn’t smart, but I was out of clean shorts and didn’t want to do laundry. Oh, how I anticipate the day when we can finally have our own washer and dryer without playing the apartment building quarters game with the laundry rooom two floors down.
  2. Probably more likely, but harder to admit, is that my post-trail celebration food of chips and ice cream have finally caught up to me. We visited friends and family for 2 weeks after hiking, which consisted of splurging at least once a day. Ugh. It still didn’t deter me from having dessert last night.

The 55 minute run today was from the apartment, to Green Lake, and back. I was sluggish and craving coffee the entire run. But, it’s done, and that’s the best part of it. And now I’m sipping my coffee.

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